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Friday, April 18, 2014
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Educational School Holiday Camp Helps Australian Parents Balance Work and Family over Summer

26/11/2012 01:13 (508 Day 01:55 minutes ago)

The FINANCIAL -- School holidays can be a challenging time for parents who are juggling work and children, leaving many Aussie mums and dads feeling as though they’re not doing either role right.



The world’s number one academic school holiday program, SuperCamp Australia, has a solution to the problem which relieves the stress of parents and will ensure each young person will have a fulfilling, educational and fun experience on their upcoming Summer school holidays.

“We understand school holidays can be a difficult time for parents because they are worn threadbare between trying to entertain the children, find school holiday programs or other appropriate entertainment  the children will enjoy, and meet their ongoing work commitments,” says Heather Yelland, psychologist and family therapist. “This can put undue pressure on the parent-child relationship and cause unnecessary tensions in a time that should be fun and revitalising before they go back to school.”

“SuperCamp provides peace of mind for parents because they know their child or children are safe, supported and having an absolute ball, but at the same time they’re also learning academic skills that will further their education, communication and relationship skills. Each young person will also benefit from an increase in confidence to put their newfound skills into practice well after the camp ends,” says Heather, who is responsible for bringing the world’s number one educational school holiday program to Australia earlier this year and is holding a Senior SuperCamp for children between the ages of 14 and 17 in January next year. For 32 years this leading educational school holiday camp has taught young people in America, Europe, South America and Asia critically important learning and life skills, with the aim of empowering them to thrive and excel in all areas of their life and now it has made its mark in Australia.

As WebWire announced, young people who attend SuperCamp are able to fill the gap that is often left by the traditional school system which teaches in a predominantly auditory manner, as they are introduced to the world’s leading academic acceleration techniques, leadership strategies, communication skills and a new understanding of life – one where they take responsibility for creating the best possible life for themselves.

15 year old Nathan, who attended the Senior SuperCamp in April, was argumentative and lacked confidence before attending the educational school holiday program. On graduation day, he told his parents how grateful he was that they had given him the opportunity to attend the camp and blossom into a self-respecting and self-loving young man.

“I almost cried,” Nathan says. “I realised I was non-appreciative of everything did and I had an amazing relationship with them which was fantastic…I was so grateful. When they came to pick me up I told them how grateful I was.”



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