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University of Uppsala partnership grows

Friday, April 18, 2014
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Knowledge Transfer Partnership with MBS gives a competitive advantage

10/12/2012 00:33 (493 Day 20:55 minutes ago)

The FINANCIAL -- Manchester Business School has been working with benefits and expenses software provider, Personal Audit Systems (PAS) Ltd, in a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) to design, develop and implement a web-hosted platform for some of its most used software.



As Manchester Business School said, the software, known as P11D Organiser, is now the preferred product for reporting benefits and expenses for major blue chip clients throughout the UK. In a move designed to keep PAS ahead of competition, they have worked with MBS to take its P11D Organiser product to the next level – to provide a cloud-based solution.

Led by Dr Ilias Petrounias, Senior Lecturer in Business and Competitive Intelligence at Manchester Business School, the project means that PAS Ltd’s clients will no longer have to commit any internal technology resource or hardware when using the software, they simply access the P11D application via a web browser.

Mathew Beech, Managing Director of PAS Ltd said: “Having previously participated in a successful KTP project, PAS was confident it could take full advantage of another partnership with Manchester Business School.

“This project was used to help us gain market advantage by being able to leverage the benefits of cloud computing. This cutting edge technology means that customers can easily access the software and backup their data without any IT knowledge. As well as ensuring the P11D Organiser remains a market leading product, this new approach has already achieved a reduction in the support burden that comes with supplying software.

“Working with Manchester Business School has made a difference across many areas of the business, all the way from the enhanced product offering to the way we prioritise our marketing spend.”

Dr Petrounias added: “KTPs are a great way for businesses to benefit from the practical application of cutting-edge research. Having worked with PAS Ltd previously, the project team was able to tap into its forward-thinking approach and develop its P11D Organiser software further – setting it apart from its competitors.”



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