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Parliament issues strong call for EU lobby transparency register to become mandatory

Thursday, April 17, 2014
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Rompetrol Georgia introduces new premium quality fuel Efix S

25/06/2013 13:53 (295 Day 19:48 minutes ago)

The FINANCIAL -- Rompetrol Georgia has introduced new premium type of fuel on the market Efix S, which is specially designed for the drivers who seek maximum performance and optimal functioning of their vehicles.


Regarding the launch of new product on the market Management of Rompetrol Georgia together with the specially invited guest representative from TRG (The Rompetrol Group) Dumitru Mihaela will hold a press conference in the Tbilisi Courtyard Marriot Hotel on 25th of June at 14:00.

The new premium quality fuel Efix S represents an optimal mix of additives for power and active protection compounds, that fosters vehicle performance. Efix S increases effectiveness and power of the engine. , EfixS 98 offers an easy starting of the vehicle, and idle and smooth running without vibration in high speed mode and a fast engine response under demanding conditions.

“There is no similar product on the Georgian market as Efix S; it is good news for the owners of sports cars and those who seek for more power and performance of their cars. Efix fuel is very popular among our customers and I am sure that Efix S will gain the same popularity” – says the General Manager of the Rompetrol Georgia Mr. Nurken Murzagaliyev.

Both premium quality fuels Efix and Efix S Clean injectors and improve their functioning, removes valves deposits and keep them clean. The distinction between these two premium fuels is that While Efix reduces fuel consumption; Efix S ensures more power and performance of the engine. “Regarding the price for the new Efix S, at this stage it will remain the same as the Euro Super fuel we had on our stations before” – says the commercial director of Rompetrol Georgia Tengiz Chichinadze.

The results were obtained during a series of test, that took into account a range of variables including the type of vehicle, operating temperature, type of lubricants and driving style. The tests were conducted both in the laboratory conditions, and also under real life traffic conditions, using different brands of cars.

Rompetrol currently sells 5 types of products at the Georgian market: Three types of gasoline (Euro Regular, Efix Euro premium, Efix S) and two types of diesel (Efix Euro Diesel and Euro Diesel). For already five years Efix has been the respectful product of the company. During these years customers have become well aware that the latter premium quality fuel reduces consumption, cleans valves and injectors of the engine and keeps them clean and protected from corrosion. New Efix S has already been implemented in several European countries and now Rompetrol offers it to the Georgian customers.

In addition, due to the launch of the new Efix S on the Georgian market, Rompetrol will hold a special drift racing event. Best drifter will compete among each other. Attendance at the show is free of charge.



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Parliament issues strong call for EU lobby transparency register to become mandatory

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