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Ex-Im Bank and MBDA Announce Expansion of its Partnership

Wednesday, April 16, 2014
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E-Bookstore Service to Launch on December 10, 2010

29/11/2010 12:22 (1234 Day 04:03 minutes ago)

The FINANCIAL -- Sharp Corporation will launch its TSUTAYA GALAPAGOS e-bookstore service featuring an extensive selection of periodical publications, including newspapers, and magazines that are automatically delivered to the tablet terminals in a highly legible and comfortable-reading format.



Also, prior to the start of this service, Sharp will begin accepting preorders for its “GALAPAGOS” tablet terminals on December 3, 2010, according to Sharp.

•  Expanded entertainment-related content, including audio and video, is scheduled to be available in the spring of 2011.

•   Support for Sharp’s smartphones is slated to begin in the spring of 2011.

•  Content lineup will grow in numbers and gradually expand in variety.


Major Features


1.  “Automatic Scheduled Delivery Service” for periodical publications, including newspapers and magazines. Content from the most recent editions can be delivered and read whenever desired.

2.   Rich graphic capabilities and an easy-to-use interface that give full consideration to the book culture of Japan.

3.  “Evolution” of the terminal device via growing rich contents and services.

“GALAPAGOS Station” PC-based Application Software


•  Enables users to write reviews and share impressions of e-books they have finished reading.

•   Lets users export (synchronize) PDF files or text data to the clipboard of the tablet terminal.

•   Data on the PC such as documents or maps can be converted to XMDF format 10 and viewed on the tablet terminal.

•   Enables users to manage content purchased using the tablet terminal.

•  Individuals who do not own a tablet terminal can experience the e-bookstore service for themselves and also read selected content on a trial basis.



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Transparency and Efficiency to Strengthen Public Financial Management Systems in Lebanon

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