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Friday, April 18, 2014
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Why Travel to Georgia: Ambassadors’ Advice

Written by Madona Gasanova

01/09/2013 20:00 (228 Day 10:03 minutes ago)

Richard Boyce Norland, the U.S. Ambassador to Georgia : “Georgia is an ancient setting of incredible natural beauty and warm hospitality - it is a dream especially for anyone interested in archaeology, backpacking, hiking or cycling. There are countless opportunities to explore Georgia’s deep historical roots through visits to castles, churches, monasteries and vineyards scattered across the country. And after one has finished seeing Georgia, there is always the chance to try delicious Georgian cuisine with a glass of Georgian wine. In fact, many believe Georgia to be the birthplace of winemaking.”


P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; } Favourite place: “From the mountains of Mestia to the beaches of Batumi, there are amazing things to see and do throughout Georgia. So far perhaps the most impressive place my wife and I have been to is the archaeological site at Dmanisi, about an hour and a half from Tbilisi , where a 1.8 million year old humanoid find is changing the way anthropologists understand human evolution.

To see the remains of an ancient civilization, scale the ruins of a 1,500 year-old fortress, and eat shish kabob and taste local wine overlooking a gorgeous valley really gave us an appreciation of all the impressive things that can come together at almost any given spot in Georgia.”

For increasing popularity: “I think Georgia is a great tourist destination. There is something for everyone: some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, historic castles and churches, Europe’s oldest humanoid find, as well as unparalleled food and hospitality. Already underway across the country, Georgia’s improvements to its transportation infrastructure such as the road rehabilitations funded by the Millennium Challenge Corporation and other international organizations, will also help visitors access more parts of this scenic country.”

Alexandra Hall Hall, UK Ambassador to Georgia : Georgia is a beautiful country, with fabulous scenery, historic buildings, a warm tradition of hospitality, and delicious food.

Favourite place: As I have only been here a short time, my favourite place so far is Tbilisi , but I hope to travel further afield in the next few months.

For increasing popularity:
I see great scope for Georgia to develop environmentally-friendly eco-tourism, showcasing its glorious natural beauty, but in a way which respects Georgia’s traditions and preserves the environment.




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