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Monday, April 21, 2014
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Georgian Weekly Market Watch (January 28 – February 1)

04/02/2013 19:45 (440 Day 11:16 minutes ago)

The FINANCIAL -- Last week, London traded Bank of Georgia Holdings (BGEO LN) share price increased 5.8% to GBP 13.10. During the week, up to 800,000 shares were traded in the range of GBP 12.26-13.19.


In the debt world, Georgia Sovereign (GEORG, -0.4% to 118.8), Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation (GEOROG, -0.5% to 105.1), Georgian Railway (GRAIL 07/22, -0.5% to 118.1) Eurobonds prices were all down while Bank of Georgia (GEBGG, 0% at 104.6) remained at the same level.


On the Georgian Stock Exchange, Liberty Bank (BANK GG) shares closed at GEL 0.007 (+7.7%) and Bank of Georgia shares (GEB GG) went up 4.8% to GEL 22.00, pushing BG Index up by 4.6% to GEL 507.4

Last week, the National Bank of Georgia (NBG) issued 7-day refinancing loans in the amount of GEL 120mn with an average yield amounting 5.26% (up 1bps). NBG also sold  84-day, GEL 30mn Certificates of Deposits last week. The average yield was 5.89% (down 9 bps).

Georgia’s monthly CPI up 0.3% -- Georgia’s monthly CPI grew 0.3% in January, while the annual deflation amounted 1.6% from 1.4% in December. Transportation services was down 0.5% m/m, while food prices increased 2.6% m/m. On an annual basis, food prices are down 2.7% and transportation is also down 0.5%.



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