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Sunday, April 20, 2014
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Georgian Blogger in Focus of Global Fashion Industry

16/12/2012 22:11 (489 Day 13:01 minutes ago)



The FINANCIAL -- Vogue, Elle, Grazia and Bazaar are some of the most famous fashion magazines and happen to be constantly writing about popular blogger and columnist of ELLE Ukraine Natuka Karkashadze. Some of them have called her the “Icon of Style”. Natuka is very popular among reporters, photographers and editors of fashion magazines, especially during Paris and Milan fashion weeks.

“I started writing my personal blog (wardrobe mistress exactly two years ago, and it was a very interesting and productive period for me. First, what I did was a fashion styling course at London’s famous Central Saint Martins, where I had the chance to meet lots of inspiring people and attend various interesting events. I started my blog because fashion is truly my passion and I wanted to be involved in the world of fashion much more. At the time it was my only chance, because as you know there is not even one fashion magazine edited in our country where I would be able to talk about fashion and style or just do styling projects.

“I believe that one has to be original, individual and never try to be like others. Your way of dressing must speak of your person and character. I think that’s exactly what interested the journalists, photographers and editors about me. I also tried to wear my own designs during fashion weeks in Paris or Milan, something that was new and never seen for them, which seems to have also attracted their attention. (I want to emphasize that I’m not a designer.) I’m never afraid of experiments but at the same time I always try to stay classy and don’t overload my outfits too much.

“My blog is my personal space where I talk about things which inspire me; I share my ideas about fashion and style with my readers and if my ideas about this field seem interesting to other people then that just makes me happy!

“I periodically contribute to Georgian magazines, but most important for the moment is that I’m a columnist of ELLE Ukraine and I’m very thankful for their confidence in me, as I have absolute freedom to talk about everything I wish and love! I also have my personal project and hope I'll be able to launch it as soon as possible. I’m doing my best to make the job I adore as profitable as possible.

“Yes, I talk about luxury brands on my blog but that doesn’t mean that I think that you are a best dresser if you wear only expensive clothes. It’s not true! It’s not important what brand you are wearing, but it is important how you wear it. Personally I’m also a big fan of high street brands like Topshop, Zara and so on. They have a really vast choice and accessible prices for every fashion lover. Mixing and matching different quality brands is something I really enjoy.

“Georgia was part of the Soviet Union for a long time, and of course there was no fashion during that period, so at the moment our fashion industry is in the process of developing. In 1947 when Christian Dior created his famous “new look” it was one of the biggest events at the time and the whole fashion world was talking about it, but we were in isolation and had no information what was taking place in the rest of the world. The history of Georgian fashion is just writing, almost every aspect of this field is free and so there are many chances to find ways to develop some innovative ideas.

“As it’s the A/W season the most important purchase of the period is a coat as it can become your visit card for the season. Most of the designers have chosen the oversized silhouette for coats and I already loved it too. My favourite is the pale pink coat by Jil Sander. Baroque print and tapestry is also one of the biggest trends as seen at Dolce & Gabbana, Balmain and so on... The military trend is very influential. And as for colour, I vote for Bordeaux!”



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