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Monday, April 21, 2014
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Disney’s Planes inspires a generation of pilots

23/08/2013 11:02 (240 Day 19:59 minutes ago)


The FINANCIAL -- Watching Disney’s new animation ‘Planes’, in cinemas now, is sure to inspire cinema-goers to take to the air, but it seems many youngsters already find flying inspirational. Working for an airline is still one of the dream jobs for children when they grow up, found British Airways.



Independent research (poll of 650 children aged 6-12 years) revealed that being a footballer is the number one goal for boys, along with being a pilot, and of course a superhero! Meanwhile, girls hope to become teachers, vets and medical staff when they grow up, according to British Airways.

Some of the more unusual jobs that children nominated were: a Formula One driver, a shark fisherman, an inventor, a monster truck driver, a pirate, a princess and very specifically – a tree house builder!

The findings also show regional differences; children in London and Wales grow up wanting to be pilots, kids in Northern Ireland aspire to be Superheroes, youngsters from the South West hope to be teachers, children in the North West aspire to be footballers and Scottish kids hope to be vets, according to British Airways.


As official partner of Disney’s ‘Planes’ the airline has renamed an aircraft ‘Bulldog’ after the British aircraft in the film, voiced by John Cleese. The film will be shown on board flights from September and promises to be one of the most popular family films on board this year.

“It’s great to see that working for an airline is as popular today as it ever was – ranking in the top five jobs for boys," Abigail Comber, British Airways head of marketing, said. "However, with more female pilots at British Airways than ever before, we were surprised to see this wasn’t more popular with girls. Nonetheless, I’m sure Planes will help inspire the British Airways pilots and cabin crew of the future!” Comber added.



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