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Friday, April 18, 2014
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Long Hair Makes a Comeback

Written by Tako Khelaia

12/07/2010 07:04 (1376 Day 06:00 minutes ago)

The FINANCIAL -- It’s official, long hair is trendy again. Tbilisi ’s hair stylists say this summer blonde hair is much in demand. Short hair will always be chic but long, below-the-shoulder locks are making a comeback, Elle magazine noted.




“Just a few months ago, there was a boom in the bob hairstyle demand, but at this stage women prefer to have just simple, long hairstyles,” said Visage Beauty Salon stylist.


“If you walk through Tbilisi ’s streets, almost everyone has long hair. I think that it’s temporary and that soon people will have short hairstyles again. What is really remarkable is that at our beauty salon women are asking to go blonde,” said Vart Beauty Hair Stylists.


“I myself prefer the long hair style as it is somehow more feminine and nice, however I do like short, straight hair styles, especially on others. I have also heard from boys that they usually prefer long hair on girls as it is more attractive,” said Ann Gabashvili, 23.


“I’m crazy about beautiful long hair. It is very attractive and charming. I myself have long hair and would never even consider cutting my hair,” said Mariam Dzeganidze, 20.


“Everybody is different and choosing a hairstyle that matches each person depends on individuality. Face shape is very important when choosing the right hairstyle, not everyone looks good with long or short-cut hair. The right hairstyle also includes proper texture and colour which are very important elements,” said Lika Kereselidze, Private Hair Stylist.


“This year there is no way it is popular for women to have short hair. Long hair is the best look for 2010. This tendency in 2010 may be popular with many women. Long hair leads you to creativity, and there are many hairstyles you may do with long hair. Ponytails will be trendy for 2010. Even though it is not a real hairstyle, ponytails will be popular this year. A wavy hair style will give you a bohemian and trendy style. If you prefer a more relaxed style, straightening your hair is the solution,” Hairstyle 2010 notes.


As most of the hair stylists say, everyone wants soft, beautiful hair but not everyone is so lucky.




Haircut - 15 GEL, Hair Straightening - 15 GEL, Hair Wave with Thermo-Curlers - 25 GEL, Highlighting (short & medium hair) - 50-70 GEL, Highlighting (long hair) - 70-120 GEL, “Sun” Highlighting (for natural hair) - 30 GEL, Hair Colouring - 75-120 GEL, Permanent Wave (long hair) - 70-100 GEL, Hair Colouring - 30-60 GEL.


Ici Paris beauty salon offers its clients: Haircut for Women - 30 GEL for 40 minutes, Hair Colouring - 28 GEL for 1.5 hours.



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