The FINANCIAL -- Farmers can be much more effective if they have up-to-date information, on prices, practices and weather. With mobile phones and mobile Internet they can get this information when, where and how they need it. The promise of the Internet for agriculture has been a popular idea, and in Georgia, too, policymakers and donors have begun to explore the options. Some pilot projects seek to program specific platforms for farmers, in order to inform and engage them. What many of these attempts may have overlooked is that the best tool is already available: Twitter, with a few tweaks, could transform Georgian agriculture. 

The FINANCIAL -- ISET proudly presents its brand new Georgian Supra Index, 2016, cooked specially for the Khachapuri Index’s New Year edition. Served on the Georgian Supra Map (supra’s literal meaning is “tablecloth”), the our Supra Index measures the cost (in GEL) of a standard supra feast for a family of 5-6 persons across Georgia’s regions. 

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