The FINANCIAL -- According to the Khachapuri Index, year-on-year we have observed a sharp increase (up by 9.1% compared to October 2015) in the price of butter.

The FINANCIAL -- Only a few years ago the enormous majority of potential car buyers visited several dealers for decision-making. Currently, consumers make use of diverse information sources and sales channels before even considering a transaction closure. In other words, when entering a dealership for the first time, most clients already have a well-thought-through idea about the deal they are looking for. Are Georgian buyers any different? To find out more about the drifts, Experto has approached most industry players of all sizes with exclusive and non-exclusive car distribution rights.

The FINANCIAL -- Under the Soviet system, farmers worked under strong central control; everyone knew what to do. Important economic decisions were not left to the market, or decided by self-interested individuals. Instead, the government, which owned or controlled much of the economy’s resources, decided what, when and how to produce. Along with providing necessary inputs, the state ensured that farmers had access to markets for their goods.  

The FINANCIAL -- In October 2016, the average cost of cooking one standard portion of Imeretian Khachapuri was 3.39 GEL, which is 6.1% lower year-on-year (compared to the same month of the previous year, October 2015). 

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