10 romantic things to do in Bali while on honeymoon

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The moment you arrive in Bali, the island oozes romance. The sand and surf is soft and inviting under your feet as you pass through customs and walk down the airport terminal to grab a taxi, and head toward your hotel. Anywhere you look, you’ll see couples enjoying romantic things to do in Bali.

From the offerings at some of your hotel honeymoon in Bali to even more options on your private villa, everything is designed so that guests can experience the romance of the island with their significant other.

So what are some romantic things to do while visiting Bali? Here are ten suggestions:

Spend an afternoon watching dolphins (Tuban, North Kuta)

The first romantic thing to do in Bali is watch dolphins at the Marine Tourism Centre of Golden Selatan Beach Club. Like Santorini, Greece – Bali has a strong history and connection with the ocean, making it even more romantic.

Wake up for sunrise at Tanah lot temple (South Kuta)

Another romantic thing to do in Bali is waking up at sunrise at Tanah Lot Temple – one of the most famous temples in all of Bali. To get there, you’ll need to walk about 30 minutes from your hotel or villa down a path that will take you right down to the water’s edge, where you can then climb some big stairs to watch the sun slowly rise above the sea.

Go for a tropical spa escape (North Kuta)

If your significant other needs a bit of pampering, then head over to the Soka Spa in Kuta. The spa features a variety of treatments that are perfect for both men and women who need a little break from the stress in their lives.

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Sip wine by candlelight (Ubud)

One romantic thing to do in Bali is sipping wine by candlelight at your villa. There’s no better place on Earth than Bali for this because often, your villa will either be in the jungle or in a gated community where there are no interruptions.

Go stargazing (Ubud)

The second romantic thing to do in Bali is going stargazing out in the rice fields of Ubud – one of the best places on Earth for this activity since it has dark skies that make it easy to see anything, including meteor showers, moonrise during the full moon, or even satellites flying overhead.

Wish upon a shooting star (Anywhere)

One of the most romantic things to do in Bali is wishing upon a shooting star at any time during your holiday. While Ubud might be one of the best places on Earth for stargazing, some countless other beaches and mountains will give you just as good a view without having to walk 30 minutes uphill.

Go snorkelling and hand feed dolphins (Jimbaran Bay)

While watching dolphins swim around a private beach in Jimbaran Bay, you can do one of the most romantic things by hand-feeding them. The best place to do this is at a hotel with a dolphin aquarium.

Dine under the stars (South Kuta)

Of course, if your honeymoon is less about romance and more about family fun, then make sure you dine under the stars at least once in South Kuta. Here, several restaurants feature open-air dining where you and your significant other can eat and enjoy watching all the local entertainers perform acts for children and adults alike.

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Go swimming with Manta rays (Amed)

A unique romantic thing to do in Bali is swimming with manta rays at night off of Amed. These beautiful creatures only come up here for feeding between 7:30 PM – 10 PM every night, making it easy for divers to reach them wearing just a mask and snorkel.

Watch a Bali fire show (Sanur)

The final romantic thing to do in Bali is watching a Balefire show at any of the cultural shows around Sanur. It’s one of those cultural experiences you can tell your kids about for years to come, so be sure to take them along when you visit there.

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