12-year-old Ketevan Kvaratskhelia played in the detective film “Casanova”

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A schoolgirl at the Tbilisi private school “Qorali” Ketevan (Keti) Kvaratskhelia, who has been fond of acting and theater for several years, made her film debut: she played in one of the episodes of the eight-episode Russian detective film “Casanova”, aired in November this year on the First ORT Channel … The film director is Kirill Belevich, the film stars are the actors Anton Khabarov, Katerina Shpitsa, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Sergei Ugryumov, Olesya Zheleznyak, Irina Pegova, Tatiana Belevich, Ruslana Rukhadze, Marianna Shultz, Kristina Babchenko, Fati Fulariani, Nina Tushishvili, David Khurtsilava, Tamar Abashidze,  Arman Navasardyan, Mikael Janibekyan, Elmira Poghosyan and others. Filming took place in Moscow, St. Petersburg, on the Crimean peninsula, Tbilisi (March 2019), and Yerevan, the film was produced by “Amedia Production”.

The plot is set in the late 1970s in the USSR. Several cases of fraud have been registered in the country, the victims of which were women with a position in society. A certain man fraudulently robbed them, but they did not even immediately understand this and often did not want to contact the police. After a suicide attempt by one of the suspects, a professional detective and a senior police lieutenant with psychological work skills are taken to the investigation. The confusing case develops into a personal drama when Casanova learns that Moscow investigators are on the heels and meets comrade Novgorodtseva in order to pull off the usual trick with her, which this time develops according to an unplanned scenario. “My hero is probably the best swindler in the Soviet Union, he steals from rich women, yet he truly loves every single one of them. Casanova has both bad and good, he is an absolutely harmonious character. I strive to ensure that the viewer, turning on any of the episodes, believes that he is watching a real love story that will last the entire film and that the profession that my character owns is his real profession, although in fact, he is a master of reincarnation, my role combines at least six other roles.” the leading actor Anton Khabarov told reporters.

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Keti Kvaratskhelia took part in one of the episodes filmed in Tbilisi. It was not by chance that she was among those who were invited to the shooting. As a schoolgirl of the above-mentioned school in Tbilisi, she has been fond of acting and children’s theater for several years, participated in performances of the “Et Cetera” acting club, writes miniatures and novels, and is fluent in Georgian, English, and Russian. In this film, she played the role of the niece of a Tbilisi resident, whose apartment and wealth was laid by a swindler. He, disguised as a master of the gas system, penetrates the apartment, the owner of which is resting with his wife on the Black Sea coast of Georgia, and his niece is in the apartment. The fraudster entered the apartment in order to examine the situation and make a copy of the keys.

“When I found out that the film “Casanova” will be filmed in Tbilisi, I went to the casting, passed the selection, there was an interview, after which I was approved for a cameo role in the film. Of course, I was worried; the shooting with my participation took place at the beginning of March 2019, “Keti Kvaratskhelia told the author of these lines. She doesn’t really like talking to journalists yet. “If fate gives me the opportunity to play new roles in cinema and theater, then there will be something to say, I will not shy away from interviews with journalists, especially since my aunt Eka Mekhuzla worked in journalism for many years – first in Sukhumi (1992), then in Tbilisi (since 1998).” said Keti, who is now a 9th-grade student at the Tbilisi private school “Qorali”.

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K.Kvaratskhelia was born on October 14, 2006, in Tbilisi, her mother, who lives in the capital of Georgia since 1993, a native of Sokhumi, Nana Mekhuzla (born in 1982) – a graduate of the Italian department of the philological faculty of the Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, an Italian language specialist, father Irakli Kvaratskhelia was also born (1981) and grew up in Sokhumi, since 1993 he lives in Tbilisi, in the late 1990s he played for the basketball team “Kolkha” Sokhumi, which played in the Georgian championship, was engaged in boxing, in recent years he is working in business

Nana Mekhuzla, in an interview with the author of these lines, said: “After the film was shown on Channel One ORT, my daughter Keti and our family received hundreds of letters and calls from friends, acquaintances, strangers, from people of different ages, professions, and nationalities from different countries, including from Italy, that I visited several times in the 1990s in the framework of exchange programs for schoolchildren in Georgia and Italy. ” She sincerely thanked everyone who congratulated her daughter Keti on her film debut. “It’s a pity that my father Ilia Mekhuzla (a well-known doctor in Sokhumi, until 1993 lived and worked there as the head physician of the Best ambulance clinic – author’s note) could not enjoy the success of his granddaughter, to whom he has told many interesting stories from the field of cinema and theater, my father died 3 years ago in Tbilisi, but my mother Nata Chabrava-Mekhuzla lives in Tskneti and her granddaughter’s successes gave her new energy and a lot of joy,” said Nana Mekhuzla.

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