Samsung Gift to housewives

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The following 3 family equipment products are currently of the highest demand. Samsung offers us the latest innovative models of washing machine, vacuum cleaner and refrigerator, and the products were in details presented to the FINANCIAL by Samsung Marketing and PR Manager Eka Kvirikashvili.

Refrigerator – French Door with Triple Cooling System

Samsung’s latest French Door refrigerator is distinguished with a sophisticated, elegant and premium design. Its specialty is expressed by revolutionary Triple Cooling System. This is an individual, independent cooling system that ensures the optimum level of temperature in each of them. Sustainable and high humidity levels keep the products longer and fresher.

The refrigerator’s internal panel is a metal plate that provides quick restoration of the temperature within the refrigerator. It also maintains stable temperature in case of temporary suspension of electricity. the Metal Cooling System provides less pressure on compressor because the metal itself is accumulating coolness . Accordingly, the products are maintained more healthy and long lasting. Besides, Metal Panel also adds premium visual to the fridge interior.

The refrigerator literally presents the harmony of practicality and style. Large capacity of the internal space allows you to use optimally all storage area and save big size products without any problem. The large 500-liter working capacityof the refrigerator means that you can store more food in the refrigerator and freezer, and find them easily and quickly. . The four widely opened doors allow you to see the inner space of fridgeat one glance. The Fresh Zone is a tray where the ideal conditions are created for meat and fish; You don’t have to freeze the products, as Fresh Zonemaintains optimal temperature for storage of them, and the product is stored fresh for a long time.

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Vacuum Cleaner – Power stick Pro

Power Stick Pro is designed for housewives who need the highest quality of cleanness and maximum flexibility of the vacuum cleaner. It is distinguished by its minimalist design. Its only vertical body s equipped with engine, battery and additional tools.Its weight is just 2.5 kilograms, so its movementiseasiest and comfortable. This vacuum cleaner hasquite ergonomic and flexible brush that rotates 180 * and with its help you can easily reach every corner of your home.

The vacuum cleaner has a special “Turbo Action Brush” which equally distributes the pressure on the surface and provides optimal suction; Therefore it deeply reaches any type of surface and clears it from even the smallest dust particles.

Washing Machine – QuickDrive

This is a washing machine –with revolutionary Quick Drive technology. Quick Drive technology halves the washing time and thus reduces electricity consumption by 20%. The main component in this machine is the Q-drum. It creates a double, dynamic movement and in contrast to the usual washing machine, which moves clothes up-down within the drum, Q-Drum also adds forward-backward intensive motion that quickly, efficiently and thoroughly removes the dirt in a half time.Due to EcoBubble technology, the detergent is quickly dissolved and foam is created by effective mix of water and air that penetrates deep into the fabric structure and removesthe most difficult spots from it.

The AddWash function allows you to add clothes easily after the wash has begun. You can pause the process, add clothes to main washing cycle or only for rinsing; Or you can just add emollient inside the drum .

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Important is that this washing machine can be run remotely from Smartphone; you can start washing from your workplace and get ready washed clothes upon arrival to home.

All of these products can be purchased at Samsung’s partner stores,:AltaOkay , Elit Electronics, Metro Mart, Smile.



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