3 Homeless Puppies Adopted from Radisson Hotel on World Stray Animal Day

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The FINANCIAL — Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel hosted some sweet-looking little puppies on World Stray Animal Day.


Three homeless puppies were adopted directly from the hotel on the day and two more from the dog shelter. Every visitor to the hotel was given a chance to fill out an application form and offer a home to one of the puppies.

In October last year Dog Organisation Georgia and Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel jointly organized an event held on World Animal Day. The action was a great success as four puppies were adopted directly from the hotel and another two from the dog shelter.

Dog Organization Georgia is a non-profit organization whose objectives are the promotion of kindness and the prevention of cruelty to animals. According to the organisation their mission is to bring about the day when all dogs can enjoy a happy life free from the threat of unnecessary harm.

“In general the Radisson brand always takes part actively in social events. We try to support shelters for the elderly and socially vulnerable children. April 4 was World Stray Animal Day. So we decided to host the event again.” said Salome Saakadze, PR and Marketing Manager of Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel.

“We are going to continue our cooperation with Dog Organization Georgia. We are constantly involved in social responsibility actions such as organizing Earth Hour which we arrange every year. We are maximally trying to help those in need. This time each visitor to the Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel was given the chance to give a home to cute little puppies,” Saakadze said.

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“Today is World Stray Animal Day and this event is taking place all around the world. Radisson hosted us once before during World Animal Day in October when we were given the chance to find new homes for some worthy animals,” said Fiona Coxshall, Dog Organization.

According to Coxshall at the dog shelter they take in lost, unwanted, abandoned, injured and neglected dogs and care for them until a loving new home can be found for them.

“We also provide veterinary treatment and special care for injured, sick, abused and vulnerable dogs. We have a team of dedicated staff who look after the dogs on a daily basis. We bring dogs in straight from the street. People often call us and tell us that they have found dogs in various different places which we then proceed to pick up so long as we have enough space. At the moment our shelter is almost completely full of dogs,” Coxshall said.

“The protocol when we bring dogs in to our shelter is as follows: first of all they go in to quarantine for around ten days to make sure that they don’t infect any of the other dogs with disease, then the dogs get vaccinations against different diseases, we continue to feed them suitable food to keep them healthy. At the moment we have around 35 dogs and puppies in the shelter. Over the past year we have found homes for about 20-25 animals,” Coxshall stated.


“To adopt a dog people have to fill out a special adoption application. The new owner of the dog has to pass several procedures with the Dog Shelter and should explain precisely why they have decided to adopt the dog, where the puppy will live and how it will be fed. Adopting and looking after a dog is a huge responsibility, so we need to be sure that we are giving the puppy to a serious person who will look after it well,” Coxshall said.
“I have been in Georgia for three years already and I really do think that Georgians are animal lovers. I just think that the majority of people prefer to see pedigree animals more than street animals. I myself have five mixed dogs. Generally speaking not everyone understands that mixed dogs can be just as good as pedigree dogs,” said Coxsshall.

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