3 Reasons to Take Out Personal Accident Insurance

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Did you know that your health insurance does not cover some items? If you are injured in an accident, have unexpected medical bills, and lost income, you may have a shortfall in your finances.

There are many good reasons to take out personal accident insurance, and here are the top three.

1. You Have a Risky Job or Hobby

By the time you pitch up at the door of attorneys like zdfirm.com, you might realize just too late that you should have had personal accident insurance.

Good lawyers can manage your case to a successful outcome if you have been injured in a leisure pursuit or at work. But this takes time, and in the meantime, you might be dealing with a cash shortage due to lost wages.

Taking out personal accident insurance can avoid financial hardship while you sort out the legalities.

You might not perceive your pastime or job to be risky. In the US in 2018, there were 5,250 workplace deaths, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Pilots, construction workers, farmers, ranchers, and truck drivers are all considered to be in areas of high-risk work. However, sometimes risk can be insidious, caused by a unique event or one-off situation, or even a change to that worker’s physical or mental state.

Personal accident insurance will give you peace of mind if you work in a high-risk industry or trade. Plus, you won’t have to worry about unforeseen or hidden risks, as the cover is always there to protect you.

2. You Don’t Have Savings

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If you don’t have any capital, then personal accident insurance can provide that essential safety net, usually for just a small outlay each month. The cover is there instantly—think how long it might take you to save an equivalent sum?

3. Coverage for Items Not Covered by Health Insurance

Most people are surprised when they realize there are gaps in their health insurance provision. After you have just had an accident, this can be a blow upon a bruise, literally.

Cosmetic surgery can be necessary after an accident to improve scarring or disfigurement, but insurers won’t cover it. The same goes for dental, vision, or hearing.

Check out your current health insurance policy carefully to know where the gaps are before you buy personal accident cover.


It can be harder to perceive the need for personal accident insurance as accidents are usually, by their very definition, unforeseen. Personal accident cover means there will always be funds available, providing peace of mind in a contentious situation where you may be uncertain about the legal outcome.

Personal accident insurance is also not subject to any delay, usually, whereas attorneys wrangling over fault can be a lengthy process.

Always check out policy wording carefully to ensure that your particular hobby or work employment is not excluded or restricted. If your position is a specialist, use a broker to ensure you buy the right policy for your needs.

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