3 Useful Software Solutions for Plumbing Contractors

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Plumbing contractors used to do everything with a pen and paper back in the day. Nowadays, if you want your business to be as efficient and successful as possible, you’ll leverage technology to handle invoicing, contractor tracking, marketing, and more. Let’s take a look at three super useful software solutions for plumbing contractors.

Why Do Plumbers Need Software?

Even though most of a plumber’s work is with their hands, software can still provide a number of benefits for the business side of things. For instance, plumbing contractor software solutions can help with:

  • accounting
  • keeping track of customers
  • billing
  • improving finances for your business
  • tracking hours for individual contractors
  • and more

Not sure how to choose a plumbing CRM? Fortunately, we’ve already found three great software solutions that plumbing contractors would do well to check out.


ServiceTitan is one of the most popular plumbing software-as-a-service solutions throughout the industry, with around 50,000 contractors currently taking advantage of its benefits. It’s cloud-based software, so you don’t need to install it on your computer; just sign up for an account and you’ll be able to access the software so long as you’re connected to the Internet.

It offers marketing features to help you acquire new customers and retain customers over the long-term. Its robust sales tracking feature will help you boost job averages and conversion rates relative to your marketing efforts.

ServiceTitan includes additional functions, too, such as scheduling and dispatching, customer financing, analytics reporting, and live chat customer support. It’s a great platform for desktop and mobile use alike and the software as a whole is reliable and stable.

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Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro is another great choice for general plumbing services. It combines a variety of helpful tools and functions into a single and detailed platform. For example, it can capably handle scheduling and dispatching, GPS tracking of individual contractors, analytics reporting, invoice generation, and more.

Even better, Housecall Pro has a few marketing tools included as well. These can help you attract new customers to your plumbing business and even help you get more signatures for your service agreements so you benefit from long-term, predictable income. 24/7 customer support rounds out its offerings.


Last but not least is Knowify: a software solution specifically for commercial subcontractors or businesses that specialize in residential remodeling plumbing. Therefore, this may be a good choice if your business falls within these categories, but it’s not as versatile or general-use as the other options.

Still, there’s a lot to like here, such as features for scheduling, dispatching, integration with QuickBooks, mobile options, invoicing and payments, and more. It’s not a very customizable platform overall, but it is incredibly affordable compared to other plumbing software solutions.

Not sure if you want to go with Knowify? Fortunately, you can check out a free trial and give the software a try before putting down any money. Check it out if your business falls under the plumbing company types it’s designed for.

All in all, there are tons of different plumbing software solutions available. The above three are just the start. Consider each in turn and choose the one that seems best for your needs.

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