3 Zhelaniya Enters New Category of Spread, Forecasting Leading Results by the End of 2020

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Kazakh brand 3 Zhelaniya continues its successful development on the Georgian market.

Brand manager of Foodservice, a Georgian company that imports and distributes 3 Zhelaniya in the country, Vepkhvia Khubulava says, “2020 started with very good and interesting novelties”.

“We have added a new category of spread, the market of which is quite large and in demand. Today there are two outstanding leaders in this segment, so we have the ambition to develop this direction at a fast pace and take the leading positions”, said Khubulava.

“We have also added two new types of premium products in the ketchup category, which are processed by the hot method, have a gentle and aromatic taste, especially close to Georgian taste.

“In addition, we have added to the mayonnaise category a mayonnaise made from fresh quail eggs, which is enriched with vitamin A. This makes the mayonnaise a good addition to one’s diet”, Khubulava continued.

3 Zhelaniya has recently won the most prestigious and influential business award of Georgia – Golden Brand, and has become the ‘Fastest Growing Brand of the Year’.

As for Foodservice, which imports and distributes 3 Zhelaniya in Georgia, it was established in 2006. The main field of activities of the company is the purchase, distribution, and logistics of food products, as well as the import of food products from different countries.

With its ecologically clean, laboratory-tested and certified products, Foodservice is one of the leaders in the field of logistics and distribution on the Georgian market.

Could you please tell us about the history of 3 Zhelaniya in Georgia. Since when has it been distributing in our country and how has the brand been developing here?

3 Zhelaniya appeared on the Georgian market in 2016.

At first, it seemed difficult to bring a new brand to such a competitive market, but through the joint efforts of our partner Eurasian food corporations and ours, we have achieved a fast pace of development today. We continue to develop with even greater diligence.

As of today what is the market share of 3 Zhelaniya in Georgia?

Today we can boldly say that 3 Zhelaniya is the No. 2 brand in the FMCG sector, in its category. However, due to the very high pace of development, we have the ambition to become the first in the near future.

What is the advantage of 3 Zhelaniya and how does the brand compete with other brands?

As you know, there is a lot of competition in this segment of the market today. The advantage of 3 Zhelaniya is its quality. Thanks to its unique recipe, useful ingredients and use of modern technologies, 3 Zhelaniya products are not only tasty but also healthy. It is a 100 per cent natural, affordable and stable brand, which has actively established itself in the market since the day of entry and continues to grow at the same pace.

Could you please share sales statistics from 2018-2019?

In this period, sales of 3 Zhelaniya increased by about 53 per cent. This means that the share of consumption of 3 Zhelaniya products in Georgian consumers is growing day by day, which is an additional incentive and motivation for us.

What was the main challenge or achievement of the brand in 2019?

2019 turned out to be quite successful for 3 Zhelaniya, as in previous years. In general, rapid growth at the initial stage is typical for new products, but maintaining long-term growth at such a pace is quite a difficult challenge, which we successfully managed last year and fortunately, according to the trends of 2020, we will have a positive result this year.
The past year has also been interesting both in terms of expanding the range of assortment and in terms of marketing activity.

Also, Dimitri Nazarov, who is quite a popular actor, became the face of 3 Zhelaniya. Of course, this fact gave a positive charge to the brand.

In addition, we use virtually all communication channels for brand development in our market and act in a complex way.

You said that you expect to have positive results this year as well. What are your impressions of the first half of 2020?

The beginning of 2020 was quite unusual, tense, but at the same time interesting, given the current events in the world.
We do our best to work with our partners to continue developing at a fast pace despite such an unusual environment and hope to achieve the desired results by the end of the year.

Also, as mentioned, we have added a new category of spread, which has entered the market quite actively. 3 Zhelaniya has a great potential in this direction, and as in the case of ketchup and mayonnaise, our goal here is to be in the lead very soon.

3 Zhelaniyahas become the ‘Fastest Growing Brand of the Year’ and won its first Golden Brand award this year. What does it mean for the brand?

The victory in this nomination is an echo of the fact that the brand is run properly, has stable and reliable distribution, has the right marketing strategy – all this in a complex way emphasizes the results achieved by 3 Zhelaniya on the Georgian market.

We thank all customers who opted for our brand. This is an additional incentive to further develop 3 Zhelaniya and offer customers a delicious, quality and affordable product.

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