3470 children were born and 1995 Marriages registered from 1st to 15th January in Georgia

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The FINANCIAL — From 1st to 25th January 3470 children were born in Georgia. According to Civil Registry of Georgia 1806 boys and 1664 girls were born in Georgia. The number of boys is higher by 142 in compare with the number of girls.


“The most popular names among girls during 1st January and 25th January was Barbare. 121 girls were named as Barbare, 112 Nino, 108 Elene, 104 Mariam and 98 Anastasia. Among boys were given the name George, 108 Luka, 105 Nikoloz, 103 Saba and 97 Andria,” Civil Registry says.

According to Civil Registry from January 1st to January 25th 1995 marriages have been registered in Georgia. 10 foreigner couples have been married during this period.

91 foreign men have married Georgian women and 94 Georgian men married foreign women.

For October 2011, 18, 836 couples got married in Georgia. Mainly people between the ages of 20 and 25 years old get married in Georgia. The second largest number of married couples is those of 25-30 years old people.

According to the statistics of Tbilisi City Court, there were 3,757 divorce cases in Georgia until the end of 2011. This number may have increased by the end of the year. In 2010, 4,721 divorce cases were filed in the country and 4,030 divorces were filed in 2009.

In Georgia the number of divorces has nearly doubled in the last ten years. Lawyers recommend people to make marriage agreements to avoid problems with property separation. Mostly, the age of people getting divorced in Georgia is under 20 years.

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