455,800 of Volkswagen Vehicles Deliveries in Eleven Month

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The FINANCIAL — Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles delivered 455,800 Caddy, Transporter, Crafter and Amarok models to customers worldwide from January to November. The brand thus exceeded its best values of the previous year by 0.1 per cent.

In Western Europe, 308,900 vehicles were handed over to customers between January and November (+1.1 per cent). The domestic German market accounted for 116,700 of these vehicles (+4.1 per cent).

There were 14,900 vehicles delivered to Spain (+7.8 per cent), 43,800 to the UK (+2.1 per cent), 11,700 to Italy (-1.9 per cent) and 18,500 to France (-8.8 per cent). In Eastern Europe, the brand achieved an increase of4.5 per cent with 38,600 deliveries to customers.

In the course of the year, the brand also recorded delivery increases in Africa (+21.0 per cent to 16,900 vehicles), South America (+7.9 per centto 41,200) and the Asia-Pacific region (+2.1 per cent to 24,300).

Deliveries in North America (Mexico; -9.4 per cent to 8,500 vehicles) and the Middle East (-36.4 per cent to 17,300) were lower than in 2017.

Overview of worldwide deliveries between January and November by product line:

184,100 vehicles from the T product line (188,400; -2.3 per cent)

145,100 vehicles from the Caddy product line (152,000; -4.5 per cent)

74,400 vehicles from the Amarok product line (72,400; +2.7 per cent)

52,200 vehicles from the Crafter product line (42,400; +23.1 per cent)


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