4B – a new initiative by Bank of Georgia to foster SME development

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February the 14th 2020 marks the day that Bank of Georgia unveiled its unique business space – 4B. According to the initiative to support the development of SMEs, the Bank has decided to create a hub where its client business owners will have the opportunity to attend events, plan meetings, get tips and useful information, or simply get to know other interesting individuals.

In the new business space, the SME clients of Bank of Georgia will be offered a service by private bankers while having the opportunity to book and benefit from the workspace as well as find out special offers created by partner companies.

For purely educational purposes, clients with 4B status will be able to access the latest and most relevant business news and literature from a special library enabling them to present their vast knowledge to the entrepreneurial world.

4B has become an amazing opportunity for businesses to create new connections, look for new customers, suppliers and potentially penetrate new markets.

“Bank of Georgia has always supported SMEs. We understand the important place we hold in the lives of our customers, therefore we take every opportunity to actively participate in the development of their business.

Through the 4B initiative, we pave the way for banks, customers and stakeholders to collaborate under one area to contribute to the growth and encouragement of each business.

On the one hand, we bring together the most experienced bankers, while simultaneously creating a business space to organize events, and arrange business meetings where the SME clients will get the opportunity to meet professionals from various sectors who have been successfully conducting business.

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In today’s environment where the possibilities are endless, 4B will bring together these opportunities in one area that will be oriented towards the further development of the businesses of our clients,” stated Archil Gachechiladze, CEO of Bank of Georgia.

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