5 Adventurous Things To Do In Georgia

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With the summer season at its peak, it’s time to experience some water-based or other types of adventurous activities in Georgia. But, of course, it would help if you packed up for the outdoor activities in some scenic places.

Enjoy the adventurous outdoor activities, and even switch to the thrilling games while you are on the move or indoors. From an easy family hike to some daring activities, you can explore everything here. Let us now take a sneak peek into a few outdoor and adventurous activities you can experience in Georgia.

Wild Cave Tour

There are no lights, no paved paths, or handrails in the Wild Cave tour of the Cloudland Canyon. You need to have an ‘advanced pass purchase’ so that you can choose an hour, two hours, and even 4-hours tour. But, these are worth an adventure. However, put your adventure shoes on by getting a little dirty and a little wet on this cave tour. We all know that the cave environment is generally muddy and chilly.

Visit Toccoa River Swinging Bridge

It is the swinging bridge where you will feel the bounce while you are going through it. It is one of the longest swinging bridges on the east of Mississippi. It is a long suspension bridge that the anchors support at each end. What makes walking on this bridge fun is that it not only swings from side to side but up and down also. Here, you can go for primitive camping and trout fishing too.

Go for Screaming Eagle Canopy Tour

Fly through the sky with this Screaming Eagle zip line tour at the height of 2400 ft. You can choose your tours, but one can go ahead with the flight of the Falcon tour that includes the 3,400 ft. zip line for the tourists. Here, you will feel like flying like a superman. The kids get an opportunity to fly free in a small aircraft or even go for flight lessons.

Hike to the Blood Mountain

This is the tallest peak on the Appalachian Trail in Georgia that offers summit views to the hikers. It draws the day hikers and the backpackers to its summit, where dozens of people enjoy the ‘fair-weather’ weekend. The hike here is increasingly difficult and distant, but you need to be caring towards nature. If you have packed out the things, make sure to pack them when coming down.

Opt to Raft at Chattooga River

The intensity of this rafting trip is moderate to strenuous. It is located near Long Creek, and you can opt to camp and raft here for 4-hours, 7-hours, and 2 days. Depending on the water level, you can enjoy rafting and other adventures. The action here starts at the Seven Foot Falls and ends at the Five Falls. You can get a complete package for your friends and family, where you can even enjoy lunch near Long Creek Falls. This river is famous because it has been featured in the movie ‘Deliverance’. Here, you will also get the best whitewater guides, and they will make your rafting experience thrilling and unforgettable.


Apart from the above-mentioned adventurous activities, you can watch the sunset, get to the zoo, go kayaking, visit some excellent places to eat and drink, and much more. Georgia offers a complete package for adventure lovers, and you will enjoy every bit of your summer vacation. Also, people fond of playing online casino games like virtual sports, poker, Vegas games, etc., can play through mobile for the rest of the day from anywhere.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive deep or hike up to get a new experience!

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