5 Applications To Support Your Career Development Journey

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Building a career that you can be proud of isn’t an easy ride. No matter how much talent you’ve got, there’s always competition, not to mention the impact of the economy on the jobs market. Unemployment is set to rise, and so many are left feeling skeptical about their careers. The good news is technology is on our side when it comes to career development. The five apps can help you each step of the way, from learning to networking and research.

1 . Udemy 

Udemy is an online learning platform where users can enroll in many different courses. Whether you are searching for a professional course or a hobby, Udemy has many options to take your pick. It might be public speaking, illustration, or web development. One of the biggest advantages of online learning is that you can study from anywhere in the world and fit your studies around your schedule.

  1. Shapr

Shapr is a networking tool that helps users to connect with other professionals. Shapr is simple to use; just make your profile and swipe away to find suitable contacts. It’s best to put as much detail on your profile as possible, this will help you find like-minded professionals. Shapr is a great app for budding entrepreneurs or professionals looking for their next role. If you’re looking for a career change, Shapr could help you to find some valuable new connections.

  1. LinkedIn Learning

On LinkedIn Learning, users can choose from thousands of top-quality courses, led by experts in the field. The platform offers up course recommendations that are personalized to your career goals. With LinkedIn Learning, you’ll receive plenty of career tips and a certificate when you’ve finished your course. Whether it’s data science or a management course, you can learn anything you wish, on-the-go!

  1. TED

TED is a nonprofit on a mission to spread beautiful ideas! TED does this by providing education talks on a huge range of topics. The talks are recorded in front of an audience and then uploaded to the TED website and app. You’ll find many topics, including politics, science, mental health and business. When you’re looking to develop in your career, it pays to learn about your industry as much as you can. These short ten-fifteen min talks are ideal to squeeze in on your lunch break.

  1. Switch

Switch is the perfect app for job seekers. Using Switch, you can swipe left or right on the suitable roles. Switch can help you to match with the hiring managers and make new connections. Most of us would agree that job searching can be a lengthy process. Switch can help you to speed things up and get hired faster. Perhaps you’re looking for a career change? In this case, Switch is a great app to use for networking. 

When you are approaching a career change, it’s important to conduct thorough research first. Whether it’s a Step by step guide on how to become a plumber or tips on getting into graphic design, you’ll want all the info you can before you take the plunge!

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