6 Perks Of Being A Professional Voice Artist That You Should Know

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If you are a movie connoisseur, you must know that the same movie is dubbed into different languages to cater to the international audience. Have you ever found yourself fascinated by how the voice over looks and sounds so natural that it seems like the original actor is saying the voice over version, too? Not all is as it appears. The magic of dubbing happens thanks to voice artists.

A voice actor records the source scripts, copies, or other material into a required native language. You are right if you think voice artists have an exciting job. The entertainment industry has a lot to offer to voice artists. If you are planning to be a voice artist, here are six perks of being a professional voice artist that you should know.

  1. Flexible work hours

Many voice artists design their work schedules. You don’t have to attend an office for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Recording studios and media houses that hire voice artists allow them to work on their schedules, though they still need to be punctual and honest with their time commitments. Many recording projects can span months. Depending on the project duration, you can plan your schedule and work with a degree of freedom and flexibility.

Often, voice artists are given bulk projects that they have to finish according to the deadline. They can choose to record at a time that is best for them, all the while getting the project in by the client’s deadline. Having flexibility with timing also allows for voice artists to refine their work through revisions to improve the final result.

2. A long-lasting legacy

How many people can say that their voice will be heard for years if not decades to come? You can if you are a voice artist. Voice artists primarily provide their services to movie voice overs, documentaries, social media videos, training programs, and many other things. When a voice artist lends their voice for the project, the voice stays there as long as the project is there or is recast with a different voice.

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How would you like to preserve your voice in the form of your work? Imagine telling your grandchildren that you worked on some amazing voice over projects when you were young. If the audio or video files are still online, you could easily show them your work. Wouldn’t it be nice to share something with them that you were proud to be part of?

3. A global community

Movie projects involve hundreds of professionals from different countries, professional and cultural backgrounds, and skills. Many times voice over artists from different countries have to work together on one project. You meet other artists from different walks of life, and you can share ideas, thoughts and inspire each other in your work.

Working with a global community also ensures you get more opportunities. You might get a voice over project overseas with all expenses paid. Doesn’t that sound dreamy? All of that is possible if you are a professional voice artist.

4. Comprehensive training

Before you can reap the fruits of your labor, you have to put in a lot of work. It takes years to learn and hone your skills. Learning is a lifelong journey, and it can be tricky when you don’t know which way to go. Thankfully you can enroll in a voice coaching training program that will help you learn the fundamentals of voice-over and the tricks of the trade, which will turn you into a versatile professional voice actor with the right skills.

5. Financial benefits

One of the best aspects of being a voice actor is getting paid. Depending on the nature of your work, whether you work full time or as a freelancer, your compensation may vary.

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Depending on the kind of work you do, you may have the opportunity to earn royalties. While the financial benefits of being a voice actor are attractive, most talent derive a great sense of satisfaction from the actual work that they are doing in contributing to the telling of a story they believe to be important.

6. A great conversation starter

Being a voice artist gives you opportunities to socialize. Many people like to hear about voice over work and are fascinated by the career. Don’t be surprised if you have a large circle of friends (or are surrounded by a group of people curious to learn more) by the end of a night at a networking event. Because of the nature of voice work, conversations can be easily had around what someone’s favorite cartoon was growing up to discussing the voices they hear on hold while waiting in the queue for customer service.

Talent isn’t everything when it comes to voiceovers. Though you might have a naturally appealing voice for the industry, you still have to put in the work. You still have to practice, show up on time and be professional if you want to create a successful career in the entertainment industry. If you are willing to make an effort, the possibilities are endless.

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