60% of Americans Believe the US is on the Wrong Track

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The FINANCIAL — In the latest Reuters/Ipsos Core Political, President Trump’s approval is 39%.

A majority of Americans (60%) believe the US is on the wrong track, with only a quarter reporting we’re heading in the right direction (26%). A significant majority of both Democrats (83%) and Independents (69%) say the country is heading down the wrong track, while just over half of Republicans (53%) report the US is heading in the right direction.

Overall, Americans are most concerned about healthcare (17%) as Republicans present another plan to repeal and replace Obamacare. Following closely behind healthcare, 15% of Americans count terrorism as the most important problem facing the US today, just three points ahead of the economy (12%). Despite the recent surge of hurricanes and tropical storms, American concern over the environment is unwavering at 5%.

Trump’s approval rose to 39% this week, up from 35% last week. While only three quarters of Republicans (75%) approved of the president last week, over eight in ten now approve of him (83%). Across many approval attributes, Trump is experiencing a bump in his approval. His strongest continue to be dealing with ISIS/ISIL (47%), employment and jobs (46%) and the US economy (45%). Ahead of Trump’s UN General Assembly speech, 39% of Americans approved of his handling of US foreign policy.

In the second iteration of our White House Exit, ‘Wh-Exit,’ Poll, Jeff Sessions (15%) again topped the list of White House and Executive Branch staff members that Americans predict will be the next to resign or be terminated. He’s distantly followed by Sarah Sanders (8%), Kellyanne Conway (7%) and Rex Tillerson (7%).

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