What is the health impact of wildfire smoke?

California, home of the freeway and the car-based lifestyle, has long struggled with air pollution — and been a pioneer in cleaning up the air, for example in vehicle emission standards. But in recent years, a new threat to air quality has emerged as summer and fall bring some of the worst wildfires in state…

14 mins read

Do ‘Dear CEO’ letters make a difference?

Research shows BlackRock’s public letters have a pied-piper effect on firms. For several years now, large investment firms have used public proclamations, like BlackRock’s “Dear…


How many people have died as a result of a COVID-19 vaccine?

9 mins read

Last month Office for National Statistics published the first statistics on the number of fully vaccinated people who had subsequently died from COVID-19. They showed the risk of death involving COVID-19 was consistently lower for people who had received two vaccinations compared to one or no vaccination. However, there has also been some inaccurate speculation about the number of people who have died as a result of an adverse reaction to one of the vaccines.…

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