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Giving thanks can keep marriages going

Even in difficult times, making your spouse feel appreciated goes a long way. For resilient marriages, thanks is best given year-round, not just at the holidays. That’s according to University of Georgia researchers at the College of Family and Consumer Sciences.…

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How many people died after COVID-19 Vaccination?

The FINANCIAL — Millions of people in the United States have received COVID-19 vaccines under the most intense safety monitoring in U.S. history. CDC recommends everyone ages 5 years and older get vaccinated as soon as possible to help protect against COVID-19 and the related, potentially severe complications that can occur. Reports of adverse events to…

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EU dairies increased production in 2020

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The FINANCIAL – In 2020, EU farms produced 160.1 million tonnes of raw milk, 1.1% more than in 2019. From that total, an estimated 149.9 million tonnes were used by dairies, together with skimmed milk, to produce a range of manufactured dairy products, as well as fresh products. This information comes from data on milk and milk products published by Eurostat today. The article presents a handful of findings from the more detailed Statistics Explained article on milk and milk products.…

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