A new commercial from Tbilvino – Nona Gaprindashvili’s path to success

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Being a highly recognized Georgian wine brand, Tbilvino decided to tell the story about one of the most successful Georgian, Nona Gaprindashvili. Video clip covers the story of Nona’s life from her childhood to the international sports success, as she was able to become the first female grandmaster among men.

Protagonists’ thoughts, feelings and emotions are artistically narrated in the clip. Attention is paid to the realization of the past, the starting point, that provides the strength and vision for the future challenges. Past also gives the meaning to the dreams that are already fulfilled and becomes a source of inspiration for others. 

The concept and script of the commercial was created by a communication agency Hans & Gruber. Director Dato Borchkhadze and Kio Production were the ones working behind the scenes.

As stated by Tbilvino representatives, the company aims to expand the global coverage and hence, increase the popularity of Georgian wine in the world. A major step in this direction was taken in 2020, when Tbilvino Saperavi won the Champion Red Wine trophy at the International Wine Challenge London.

2021 also turned out to be fruitful year for the company, as Tbilvino won multiple awards at prestigious international competitions: 21 medals at the International Wine Challenge 2021, 8 medals at the International Wine & Spirits Competition 2021 and 18 medals at Decanter 2021.

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