A New Type Of Online Divination – AncWis: Chinese Oracle

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The FINANCIAL — Chinese oracle began with an idea to create an online divination which would be effective and help in analyzing various everyday issues.


This divination uses old Chinese tarot cards which seem to be most useful. They are gradually revealed during the divination process and the algorithm automatically selects a meaning according to the card’s position. As WebWire reported, to preserve the old traditional style, the user first shuffles the cards and then selects the ones which are meant to be revealed. Everything is intuitive and interactive so anyone is able to control the entire divination process and analyze their issues.

It is also designed for beginners. The user does not have to read old books to find a suitable meaning. This is done automatically by the algorithm. In addiction, the data from every finished divination are saved to the statistics to help the user find a connection within his/her problems and focus on it.



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