A Wise Housewife Can Save a Lot

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The FINANCIAL — The average cost of cooking one standard Imeretian khachapuri in January 2017 across Georgian cities varied from 3.56 GEL (prices observed in Tbilisi and Telavi were exactly the same) to 3.92 GEL (observed in Kutaisi).

The overall average price was 3.67 GEL, which is 1.3% higher compared to the previous month (December 2016), and 1.9% higher compared to same month last year (January 2016). The change in yearly terms was driven by small increases in three ingredients: cheese prices went up by 5.4%, followed by yeast (4.1%), and butter (3%).

Data for the Khachapuri Index is collected for six khachapuri ingredient such as cheese, butter, milk, flour, eggs and yeast. For every khachapuri ingredient, prices are observed in multiple sites. Therefore, we are able to calculate a “Frugal Housewife” Index for those who are eager to save. 

A housewife who cares to search for the cheapest ingredients available would be able to save 17% by paying only 3.35 GEL to make one standard Imeretian khachapuri in Kutaisi. Telavi and Batumi are offering savings of 15% and 8% respectively.

Tbilisi offers the greatest savings for the “Frugal Housewife.” A Tbilisian could cook one standard Imeretian khachapuri at the lowest cost (2.91 GEL), saving 21% below the average price, which is the largest saving rate among all the cities.


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