Accenture named as a leader and market maker in capiolT’s new reports

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The FINANCIAL — Accenture has been strongly positioned as the overall leader and “market maker” in two new reports from capioIT, “ Global Systems Integration and Services Providers Capture Share Report – 2020” and “ Asia Pacific Systems Integration Capture Share Report – 2020.” The reports analyze the changing dynamics of the Salesforce services landscape and assess service providers’ consulting, implementation, and maintenance and support services for all Salesforce solutions.
capioIT notes that Accenture remains the number one provider in both the global and Asia Pacific Salesforce Services markets, stating, “Accenture has clearly maintained leadership on basis of scale and reach as well as functionality.” The reports cite Accenture’s organic and inorganic growth, as well as the company’s acceleration due to scale, ongoing investment and increasing integration into the broader cloud services portfolio of Accenture. The company’s strong relationships with Salesforce and the broader ecosystem with investments in integration service vendors are also highlighted. In the Asia Pacific region specifically, Accenture is lauded for its scale, breadth of relationships and coverage that has resulted in its leadership in the market.

“Accenture has repeatedly proven itself to be the leading vendor in the Salesforce ecosystem since capioIT started ranking companies in 2014,” said Phil Hassey, CEO, capioIT. “Accenture provides consistency for clients in execution and innovation and has successfully created measurable business outcomes for Salesforce clients around the world.”
As part of its analysis, capioIT assessed 14 services providers across 17 capabilities and attributes focused in two key areas, Transform and Leverage. Transform is the ability for a vendor to engage and create processes and stronger measurable business outcomes for clients. Leverage is focused on the ability to work in a broad integrated ecosystem and provide scale to the creation and measurement of client outcomes.

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Yusuf Tayob, senior managing director, Accenture Salesforce Business Group, said, “We believe that our leading positions in capioIT’s global and Asia Pacific reports are a clear result of Accenture’s dedication to investing in innovation, attracting and nurturing top talent, and developing real-world solutions to grow our Salesforce business. We believe that it is this commitment that differentiates us in our ability to help our clients gain maximum value from their Salesforce solutions.”

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