Advanced Medical Technologies and Service at New Stage of Development

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Rebranding, e-commerce, expansion in regions planned for 2020

Advanced Medical Technologies and Service, the medical equipmentand disposables company in Georgia, is setting ambitious goals for 2020: to rebrand the company, launch a new platform for e-commerce, arrange retail networks in different regions of Georgia and receive the international standard certificate of ISO9001.

“Our company is at a new stage of development. All divisions of the company and all employees are actively involved in the process. We hope that the ongoing processes will be completed successfully by the end of the year and we will continue to work with renewed efforts starting already next year in accordance with international standards”, said George Nikolaishvili, Director and Co-Founder of Advanced Medical Technologies and Service.

Advanced Medical Technologies and Service has been operating on the Georgian market since 1998 and has been providing clinics and hospitals with medical equipment and disposables.

“It is hard to imagine that at that time, only five people were involved in creating this company. But the experience, professionalism and dedication of these people have brought the company to the present day. Now our company is one of the leaders in the medical field and an official representative of such famous companies as Philips Medical Systems, Medtronic, BBraun/Aesculap, Terumo, Teleflex, Tuttnauer, Carestream (Kodak), Lysoform”, Nikolaishvili says.

This year the company received its first Golden Brand award in the category of the best supplier of medical equipment and disposables.

What is the contribution of the Advanced Medical Technologies and Service in developing the field of your company’s operations?

World-leading companies are our partners, and through cooperation with them we have managed to hold various scientific and practical events in Georgia and also help Georgian healthcare professionals participate in international conferences, congresses and practical workshops.This way, we help Georgian specialists get acquainted with the latest technologies in the world and later introduce and use these technologies in their activities.

Ultimately, all of this will affect the level of various health services in Georgia and allow us to offer patients the highest quality services.

What technologies and methods have been exclusively offered and introduced by your company to Georgia?

Over the years we have implemented many important and exclusive projects. Fortunately, specialists working in Georgia, as well as investors, have a positive attitude towards innovation.

For the first time in Georgia, we have introduced a Philips-produced echocardiography machine with 4D technology, which wasin the list of the first ten machines sold in Europe. Also, we were the first in Georgia to introduce a 4D ultrasound fetus scanner produced by Philips.

We introduced the first complete digital MRI machine and also the first hybrid angiography machine in Eastern Europe, both produced by Philips.

This year we will finalize work on introducing a fully digital PET-CT device, which will be used to diagnose more rapidly and accurately oncological diseases at the cellular level, which will help in the process of determining proper and effective therapies.

Another important project is the endovascular correction of congenital heart defects by minimally invasive methods, which was implemented in Jo Ann Medical Center.

We have introduced a computer navigation method for endoprosthesis of the knee and introduced the first BBraun / Aesculap computer navigation system in Georgia.

With the help of our partner company Medtronic, we introduced a baclofen pump that is a muscle relaxant medicine commonly used to decrease spasticity related to multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, or other neurological diseases. Also, with the support of Medtronic, for the first time in Georgia, implants needed for deep brain stimulation were implanted in a patient with Parkinson’s disease, which in turn alleviates the symptoms of the disease.

As a result of hard work, the latest semi-automatic insulin delivery pump, produced by Medtronic, was introduced in Georgia for the first time this year, and a demo system has already been delivered to the first patient.

Another important project is for patients with atrial fibrillation to introduce a less damaging and more effective cryoablation method of cardiac tissue and to bring appropriate equipment to Georgia, which we have again implemented with our partner Medtronic. Georgia is one of the first countries in Eastern Europe to introduce this method.

How has the company ended 2019 and what do you expect from 2020?

2019 was an important year for us with internal reorganization activities: we expanded our local warehouse and established an updated logistics department, which made the work process more operational and flexible.

2020 is a year full of different and unexpected difficulties for everyone. Unfortunately, the challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic affected all areas.

Nevertheless, our company has not stopped working even for a single day. We work closely with clinics and government agencies involved in the fight against the virus. This situation for us means double responsibilities and challenges.

Since planned operations have been suspended by the state, this has certainly affected both clinics and investors. Capital investments to purchase new equipment have been suspended. The demand for consumables has also decreased, although this is offset by the demand created by the fight against coronavirus.

We imported protective equipment necessary for medical personnel and citizens.

Unfortunately, the current situation has affected the prices of products and the increased demand in the world has led to an increase in prices from manufacturers. Nevertheless, we are trying our best to keep prices acceptable for our customers.

As part of the program of the fight against Covid-19, we provided certain medical equipment and consumables to the Republican Hospitals of Tbilisi and Rukhi hospital free of charge. We transferred personal protective equipment to the State Security Service. And also like other companies, our company also made a charitable donation to the StopCov foundation.

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