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For effective media campaign we offer you special advertisement packages and special discounted rates on long term advertising in The FINANCIAL print and online editions. Our ads work. Combined with print advertisement online ads provide the best marketing effect for international and local brands. The FINANCIAL print edition is distributed among the largest companies in Georgia, it's offered for free at premium hotels and restaurants (see full list )

100 000 views daily

Ad banners on are viewed more than 100 000 times per day, with average 5% click rate. And it cost 50% less that google ads!

Among our advertisers are leading international and local brands, including airlines, banks, insurance companies. Here are some of them: Bank of New York, Microsoft, The Biltmore, KLM, Toyota Caucasus, PwC, DLA Piper, Deloitte, Radisson Blu, Sheraton, Pasha Bank, ProCredit Bank, M2, Bank of Georgia, VTB Bank, Bank Republic | Societe Generale Group, TBC Bank, PSP Group, Wissol Group, Tbilisi Marriott Hotel, Courtyard Marriott Hotel.

We offer very simple plans. One month ad campaign with 1 mln views = USD 400. But you can also pay per CPM (Cost Per Thousand) = USD 0.60. As mentioned above, it costs 50% less than offered by google or youtube. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Our audience consist high spending investors, top and middle level managers, decision makers, marketers. 

Change their minds

Do you want to create value in the customer's mind? Make them think about your products. Online ads combined with print adverts are powerful tool in hands of professional marketer. 

Print advertising appears to have the highest ROI: 120%. Every euro or USD invested in news print ads delivers a return on average of €1.20 (source: GfK). Advertising in print media is most lucrative, followed by online banners. The key take away is that success lies in the shares within the chosen media mix. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Test your ad campaign. Start with USD 300 banner, with 600 000 views per month. 

1) Check out with secured payment gateway: 

2) Send us your Ad banner to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is focused on opinion leaders and top business decision-makers; It's about world’s largest companies, investing, career s, and small business.

Google statistics says main audience of is located in United States, UK, and countries of Eastern Europe.  

Finance: The FINANCIAL readers know the value of MONEY. Many of them are powerful finance professionals, who manage big budgets and priceless portfolios.

Luxury: The FINANCIAL readers own more luxurious cars than readers of other newspapers.

IT: 90% of The FINANCIAL readers make IT purchasing decisions spending around USD 400 000 on IT and telecoms. 

Travelers: 70% of The FINANCIAL readers who are senior business people travel first or business class.

Employment: The FINANCIAL is the most demanded news source in leading business schools of Georgia. It speaks the language of 80 % of English language speakers seeking position in leading companies. 

The FINANCIAL  is registered trade mark of Intelligence Group ltd in Georgia and Ukraine. Trade mark registration by Sakpatenti (Registration date: October 24, 2007) Registration N: 85764 Trade mark registration by Ukrainian State Register body (Registration date: November 14, 2007).

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Standard right banner on publicity or publicity ad section (376 x 140 pixel) -  420 GEL
Left banner of The FINANCIAL logo – 560 GEL
Right banner close to top story (325 x 400 pixel) – 700 GEL
Top banner under The FINANCIAL logo (1194 x 130 pixel) - 840 GEL
Wide banner at the bottom of the website (1194 x 130 pixel) - 700 GEL

Companies advertising their products in The FINANCIAL print edition get free online ad space during the year. 

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Advertisers in Georgia are welcome to contact our local Ad Department:

Sopho Pkhakadze, Head of Marketing Department
Mobile: +995 577 420 002 
E-mail: marketing (at) | marketing (at)
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For international requests, please contact: 
Mobile: +995 555 96 52 52 
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