Air France and HOP! Air France win three Top/Com d’Or awards

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The FINANCIAL — On 8 October 2015, during the Top/Com Consumer  Grand Prix 2015 awards ceremony, Air France won two Top/Com d’Or awards for its new advertising campaign “France is in the Air”, launched in March 2014, in the “communication strategy” and ‘multi-media strategy” categories.

HOP! Air France also won the Top/Com d’Or in the “media strategy” category for its national campaign “Pour vous faire préférer l’avion”, launched in May 2015, according to Air France.


Air France was awarded two Top/Com d’Or prizes. A first prize, awarded in the “communication strategy” category, underlines its successful positioning. A second prize, awarded in the “multi-media strategy” category, recognizes the successful roll-out of its campaign throughout its public distribution points. The “France is in the Air” campaign created by BETC, consists of numerous visuals illustrating the services offered by the Company – the comfort of the A380, the new La Première cabin, the new Business cabin, gastronomy, the network, SkyPriority, etc. It is supplemented by visuals depicting iconic destinations served. The campaign was unveiled in the printed press in March 2014, with coverage in 12 countries (France, Germany, Brazil, Canada, China, Spain, United States, Italy, Japan, Russia, Senegal and Switzerland) as well as on the internet, social media and on the radio. 

In March 2015, Air France also launched its new advertising film “France in the Air” in France and five other countries (United States, Brazil, Japan, China and Italy) broadcast on TV channels, in cinemas and on social networks (including Instagram and Vine for the first time). This ad conveys both the Company’s openness to the world and its pride in offering a unique French travel experience – with elegance, inventiveness and humour. Fashion, fine dining, the Tour de France, the young dancers of the Paris Opéra, and even a French kiss…a series of evocative scenes which reflect the Company’s new attitude, its fighting spirit and its desire to be closer to its customers.


Through its “Pour vous faire préférer l’avion” campaign, developed by the communication agency Les Gaulois, HOP! Air France aims to position itself as the travel reference on short-haul routes. In all, over 160 advertising creations have been produced, with targeted messages for each city. This completely geo-localized concept has been implemented in over 45 cities in France, aimed at promoting close interaction with the Company’s current and potential customers. The message has been adapted on numerous complementary media –national daily newspapers, trade magazines, regional daily newspapers, free local press, and billboard advertising.

Similarly, street-marketing campaigns have been carried out in the form of “clean tags” or messages featured on bicycles, on médiatables in cafes near stations with digital promotional actions such as activating a message on the mobile phone of people crossing through stations. This campaign has create a huge following on the social networks where the hashtag #JePrefereLAvionParceQue was adopted by web users to create a virtual “battle” with the competition.

The Top/Com awards highlight the communication strategies and actions of public consumer products and brands in their commercial and promotional initiatives. The prizes are awarded to the best communication campaigns of the year by juries of professionals working in “marketing” and “communication” functions. 



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