Almost 1 in 5 unemployed persons in the EU found a job

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The FINANCIAL — Out of all persons in the European Union (EU) who were unemployed in the first quarter 2015, 64.6% (14.2 million persons) remained unemployed in the second quarter 2015, while 18.6% (4.1 million) moved into employment and 16.8% (3.7 million) towards economic inactivity in Q2 2015.

Of all those initially in employment, 97.1% (167.9 million persons) remained in employment, while 1.3% (2.2 million) of those employed in the first quarter were observed to be unemployed in the second quarter, and 1.6% (2.8 million) transitioned into economic inactivity.

On October 26, Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, publishes for the first time quarterly labour market flows, based on non-seasonally adjusted labour market data from the European Union Labour Force Survey.

Labour market flows show the movements of individuals between employment, unemployment, and economic inactivity and enrich the analysis of the net changes in stocks. These statistics help to understand and interpret changes in the levels of labour market indicators.

While the quality of this brand new data collection is not yet fully explored, the statistics are judged sufficiently reliable for policy analysis and other purposes. They are based on an agreed methodology which may be slightly different from that used at national level. This may result in small differences between these data and those published nationally.


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