Amazon Dash Replenishment Service Adds New Device Partners

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The FINANCIAL — Amazon on October 1 announced a diverse lineup of new device brands joining the Amazon Dash Replenishment Service (DRS) program—General Electric, Samsung, August, Gmate, Oster, Obe, Petnet, CleverPet, Sutro, Thync, and Sealed Air. DRS enables connected devices that measure consumable usage to automatically order physical goods from Amazon when supplies are running low—like a water pitcher that orders filters or a pet food dispenser that orders food when needed.

“We are excited to introduce 11 new device makers—General Electric, Samsung, Gmate, Oster, August, and more—to the Dash Replenishment Service program,” said Peter Larsen, Vice President, Amazon Devices. “Dash Replenishment Service adds convenience and ease for both customers and device makers alike. Customers don’t have to do anything—they can simply rely on the connected device to automatically reorder the consumables that keep their homes running smoothly. For device makers, DRS makes it easy to add re-ordering functionality to their devices to deliver a helpful and differentiated experience for customers.”

DRS is the same reordering service that powers Amazon Dash Button. With Dash Button, customers can reorder frequently used products with the simple press of a button. With DRS, connected devices can reorder products automatically when supplies run low. DRS works with connected devices that measure consumable usage, using infrared sensors, scales, or other mechanisms, to reliably determine when to trigger an order through Dash Replenishment Service APIs. For example, Obe’s Pro Bowl weighs the amount of food consumed by a pet and subtracts that amount from the in-home inventory balance. When supply runs low, Obe’s Pro Bowl uses the Dash Replenishment Service to automatically place the order for the pre-selected pet food on behalf of the customer, according to Amazon.

DRS integration is easy and device makers can get started with as few as 10 lines of code. DRS is critical for device makers because they don’t have to build the back-end infrastructure to fulfill orders—Amazon does this work for them, leveraging its authentication and payment systems, customer service, and fulfillment network.

Earlier this year, Amazon announced initial partners integrating with the Dash Replenishment Service, including Brother, Whirlpool, and Brita. Eleven new brands now join the program, including:

General Electric—GE’s new, high-efficiency washer will offer Wi-Fi capability and an app allowing customers to manage laundry tasks from their smartphones. With Dash Replenishment Service, laundry detergent will be automatically ordered when supply runs low.

“Washers with our SmartDispense technology store detergent and automatically dispense the right amount for each load so customers don’t have to worry about it—to enhance that experience, we thought Amazon Dash Replenishment Service would be a perfect match,” said Kevin Nolan, Vice President of Technology for GE Appliances. “Customers will be able to set their preferred preorder level and Amazon will deliver detergent in time for the next wash, truly eliminating customer worry.”

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August—August Smart Lock provides intelligent, secure access to a home—customers can control who can enter and who can’t—without the need for keys or codes, and all from a smartphone. With Dash Replenishment Service, replacement batteries will be automatically ordered and the customer will be notified to change out the battery.

“From the beginning, our mission has been to design products and services that make our customers’ lives simpler and more secure. Dash Replenishment Service aligns with our commitment to use technology to deliver more convenience and control for our customers,” said Nate Williams, Head of Business Development for August. “Currently, a customer receives a notification in the August app when the batteries will need to be replaced soon but, with DRS integration, that experience becomes automated and customers receive replacement batteries without any action required.”

Gmate—Gmate SMART Blood Glucose Meter is a device that can connect to a smartphone to make testing blood sugar even easier. With Dash Replenishment Service, testing supplies will be automatically ordered.

“Our customers must always be able to test and manage their blood sugar and it can be difficult and time-consuming to keep track of how many supplies are on hand,” said Jennifer Kupar, Director of Operations for Gmate. “This innovative idea of integrating Dash Replenishment Service will help so many customers with diabetes to never have to worry about running out of test strips and lancets again.”

Obe—Obe products will monitor and manage a dog’s food and water consumption. With Dash Replenishment Service, pet food will be automatically ordered.

“Obe is already managing meals so why not also help customers manage the inventory of food in the home too,” said Hilary Jensen Wade, CEO and Co-Founder of Obe. “We want to avoid those last minute, ‘OMG who’s going to pick up pet food?!’ moments and Amazon is a great partner to help with that—Dash Replenishment Service will be the mechanism for us to deliver this convenient value proposition so customers can enjoy time with their family pet instead of worrying over their care.”

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Oster—Oster Smart Pet Feeder with WEMO helps keep pets on a regular feeding schedule, manages portions, and gives customers peace of mind. With Dash Replenishment Service, pet food will be automatically ordered.

Petnet—Petnet’s SmartFeeder helps manage feeding times, portion sizes, consumption and food supply for pets right from a smartphone. With Dash Replenishment Service, pet food will be automatically ordered.

CleverPet—With the CleverPet Hub, customers can teach their dog to play games and it will let customers know how much food their dog has eaten. With Dash Replenishment Service, pet food will be automatically ordered.

Samsung—Samsung Laser Printers and its Mobile Print App allows customers to virtually connect with any device at any time and the printer will accurately monitor toner usage over time. With Dash Replenishment Service, toner cartridges will be automatically ordered.

Sutro—Sutro is a connected smart pool monitor that helps pool and spa owners with everything from testing to the administration of chemicals through the Sutro app. With Dash Replenishment Service, pool chemicals will be automatically ordered.

Thync—Thync is the first wearable technology that changes the way you feel, allowing you to de-stress and unwind in minutes or boost energy on demand. Thync Strips, when used with the Thync Module and smartphone app, safely and comfortably stimulate nerves on your head and face, signaling specific areas of the brain. With Dash Replenishment Service, new Strips will be automatically ordered.

Sealed Air—Diversey Care will soon be offering the new generation Soft Care Connected hand soap dispensers. With Dash Replenishment Service, hand soap or sanitizer will be automatically ordered.

Attendees at re:Invent, Amazon’s annual AWS conference in Las Vegas, can visit the IoT Pavilion October 6-8 to see Dash Replenishment Service-enabled devices from General Electric, August, Gmate, Petnet, Sutro, Sealed Air, and Brita. Also, DRS-enabled hand sanitizers from Sealed Air will be on display throughout re:Invent for attendees to use. These hand sanitizers will be connected to a real-time dashboard that showcases usage and reordering data.

“We are excited to be at re:Invent and preview the Dash Replenishment Service for our Soft Care connected hand soap dispensers,” said Dr. Ilham Kadri, President of Diversey Care. “Connectivity enables our customers to use data to enhance hand wash compliance and thus food safety levels, and Dash Replenishment Service delivers an unprecedented level of convenience so they’re never out of soap.”


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