Apex Introducing Cloud Version of Apex Enterprise Resource Planning System in 2019

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Apex, a company that creates automated systems for business processes management in Georgia, is launching a new product in 2019 – a cloud version of the Apex Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that will be designed for small enterprises in Georgia.

“Our major product Apex ERP system is determined for large and middle sized enterprises in Georgia. This year already our company plans to introduce a new product that will be created specifically for small businesses. The new product will be a cloud version of the Apex ERP system. The data is available on our servers, while the client will be able to register the company’s business activities through a web application,” said Vazha Kvariani, Director of Apex.

Kvariani said that by launching a new software product Apex is entering a new segment – the market of small companies.

“We expect to increase the number of our customers. We plan to welcome about 500 new customers every year. We hope the new web application will be as successful on the market as our major product Apex ERP system. The advantage of the web application for small companies is that instead of purchasing the software product the customer will be able to get a monthly service in exchange for a small lease. In the event of expansion of the company, the customer will be able to purchase our major product and put the company’s financial data in the Apex ERP system,” Kvariani said.

In addition, Apex is working on improving its ERP system, which is a packaged business software system that allows a company to automate and integrate the majority of its business processes, share common data and practices across the entire enterprise and produce and access information in a real­time environment.

“We want to add new modules to the system that will enable customers to take automatic instructions on how to conduct future activities and make instant decisions. Through this module, the programme will analyze existing data, check various types of financial coefficients, and in case of deviation, will advise the company management on how to manage financial activities to regulate and incorporate financial coefficients within the norm,” Kvariani said.

Kvariani added that Apex will offer monthly online courses for customers in order to popularize the software product. Furthermore, the company is involved in educational activities, such as training groups of people of different professions.

Today Apex is one of the leaders of the Georgian Information Technology (IT) market which has been implementing the process of creating and establishing automated systems for the managing of business processes in order to automatize business enterprises since 2004.

The company has created the software – complex of automated management system – Apex, which offers strong controlling and analyzing mechanisms to different companies.

A company that was founded 15 years ago by just a couple of people and limited resources is today the leading IT company and winner of the most prestigious business awards ceremony in Georgia Golden Brand Awards.

“This recognition is a big honour for us, a result of 15 years of hard work. It is the merit of those people who work at our company and contributes to the development of not only Apex but the whole IT market of Georgia,” said Kvariani.

Q. What do Apex’s customers demand and how does the company manage to provide the best services to them?

A. In general, the customers are not satisfied with purchasing a software programme only. They need to be sure that after purchasing a product, they will have permanent support and the purchased product will be developmental. Our company spends huge resources on customer support. We are always ready to assist companies in solving any problematic issues. This is exactly what determines our company’s credibility and awareness.

Companies often face difficulties caused by these innovations, whether it is legislative issues or problems related to the banking system… Our company tries to help customers and provide assistance in the shortest period of time to prevent the customers feeling any discomfort.

Q. How many customers does Apex have and which are the largest companies in the list?

A. As of today our company serves about 1,500 large and medium sized companies. Some of these companies own several hundreds of branches.

Our business solutions have been used in many successful companies. For example: Wissol Petroleum Georgia; Goodwill; Demasi; IberCompany Petroleum; Nikora Trade; Magnit; Smart Retail; Brico Caucasus; AgroHub; Sakcable; Sweet Country; Marshe; Fresco; and Tbilisi Minibus.

In the first quarter of 2019 Apex welcomed 72 new enterprises.

The number of our customers increased by 12 percent in 2018 and 8 percent in 2017 year-on-year.

Q. How does Apex compete with other companies and how healthy is the competition on the Georgian market?

A. The best way to compete with other companies is to introduce new, high quality products.  Apex constantly tries to offer its customers new products and we have already spoken about our new web application that will be launched this year.

Apex cares about its employees and tries to improve the qualifications of its staff constantly. For this reason training centre – Apex Academy – has been created, where existing and potential employees are trained.

We have also signed a memorandum with several leading universities where students can learn the principles of management, accounting and analysis by using the modern technologies. To note, a large part of our employees are the graduates of these universities.

As of today Apex employs 30 people.

In general, the IT field has been rapidly developing in Georgia following the development trends in the world. Accordingly, demand for IT companies has increased and more new companies are appearing on the Georgian market. Of course this leads to an increase in competition but Apex is never satisfied with its results as it is a development-oriented company. So I am sure we will always manage to keep the leading positions on the Georgian market no matter how high the level of competition is.

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