Are You a Busy Professional? Try These 4 Time-Saving Tricks

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Do you own a business or work at a job that demands your full attention for a significant portion of the day? If so, it makes good sense to practice a few time-saving tricks that have worked for many professionals. It’s pretty obvious to anyone who has a demanding job that cutting out just a few wasted minutes here and there can mean less stress, higher productivity, and clocking out that much earlier. Here are four time-tested time-savers that can work for you.

Answer Email Twice a Day

Do you find yourself checking the inbox 10 or more times each day? You’re not alone. But, don’t worry, because it’s a habit that’s easy to break. Choose two times to check your mail each day. Keep your replies short and mark the messages that you want to come back to later.

Apply Online for Medical Marijuana Cards

If you live in a state where medical marijuana (MMJ) is fully or partially legal, it can take hours to obtain a card via the normal channels. Typically, busy business people who want MMJ cards have to travel to a crowded city or state office, fill out several pages of forms, and then wait for their name to be called. It’s a major, time-consuming hassle. Fortunately, there’s a much speedier way to get a card. For example, you can get your medical marijuana card online in 15 minutes. The whole process is done online, is simple, and involves no payment at all unless you are approved for the card. As is true in many other states, medical marijuana cards are legal in the state of Missouri, and you can save hours of time by opting for online application.

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Don’t Take Personal Calls During Work Hours

Lots of companies had this rule back in the days before cell phones and computers. You can even see the caution pop up in old films from the 1950s, where busy office workers say things like, “I can’t talk now. It’s company policy not to take personal calls.” But the fact remains if you limit your phone time to business only during work hours, you’ll be able to get more done and won’t have to explain to friends and family members why you need to hang up right now. Let everyone in your social circle know that you abide by the rule, and you’ll rarely have to click the reject call button.

Use the Night Before Note Card Technique

This one’s been around for decades, but works even better for people who have high-tech careers and pressing responsibilities as entrepreneurs. How do you do it? Sit down for five minutes or less before you head to bed and fill out a 3-by-5 card with the essential tasks for the next day. It’s amazing how this no-brainer little hack can change your entire attitude at work, make you more productive, and help your brain focus on the real priorities in your career. The secret is to do it every work night. In reality, the note-card technique is a subtle but powerful way of de-cluttering your brain so you can focus on essentials.

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