Armenia and World Bank Group Renew Country Partnership Framework Focusing on Competitive, Export-led Economy

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The FINANCIAL – The World Bank Group (WBG) Board of Executive Directors endorsed the 2019-23 Country Partnership Framework (CPF) for Armenia with around US$ 500 million to support sustainable and inclusive growth and improve living standards in the country.

The new CPF is fully aligned with the government’s five-year program for a just, inclusive, and citizen-centric Armenia. It builds on the vision outlined by the new government in the wake of the “velvet revolution” in the spring of 2018 and embodies fresh political will to overcome Armenia’s development constraints and deepen reforms through a commitment to fight corruption, strengthen the rule of law, and invest in human capital.

The program implementation will leverage the complementary strengths of the World Bank Group institutions – the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), International Finance Corporation (IFC), and Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA).

“The proposed World Bank Group strategy will capitalize on the momentum and political will for deeper reforms and renewed commitment to good governance sparked by recent changes in Armenia to support a rebalancing of the economy toward a new growth model,” said Sylvie Bossoutrot, World Bank Country Manager for Armenia.

In supporting Armenia’s efforts to build a new, more inclusive growth model, the CPF will seek opportunities to incorporate key elements of good governance and inclusion, including public accountability and transparency, citizen engagement, gender, spatial equality, and digital connectivity.

“I am particularly happy that the strategic program has been developed through extensive stakeholder consultations with the government, the private sector, civil society, and development partners,” said Mercy Tembon, World Bank Regional Director for South Caucasus. “Moreover, the development challenges and opportunities that informed the CPF process also reflect the government program priorities and the WBG Systematic Country Diagnostic (SCD) for Armenia.”
IFC, with its focus on private sector development, will continue mobilizing private financing and collaborating across the WBG to support modernization of Armenia’s energy sector to reduce the reliance on imported fuel. IFC will also support the government’s efforts to increase competition and open the economy to foreign investment by providing direct financing to companies and supporting the development of export-oriented industries. It will continue working with financial intermediaries to boost

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