Art Evening at Georgian National Library

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The FINANCIAL — Designer Ana Changiani and Irina Barbakadze’s Felt Craft improvised works were presented at the Art Evening arranged at the Georgian National Library last week.


Photos of different successful women by I See Studios’ leading photographer Ako Kharistvalashvili were taken and exhibited there on the night.

The event was opened with a performance by children from the Art School. They presented the winter collection including Felt Craft cloaks and handmade interior accessories. People were able to buy exhibited works by Applied Art School children. The money raised will be spent on charity, event organizers said.

We decided to choose an individual image for each of our models. We tried our best to make the photos depict the different characters of each of the models. The service was provided by Altlife 3D Studio,” said Natia Baliashvili, I See Studio.

“We tried to create a special retro feel to the photos. A portfolio of Georgian Felt Craft clothes were presented at the event. All of the ladies taking part in the photo-shoots worked hard during the session. The work process was really interesting. There was a friendly, relaxed atmosphere which is evident in the final results,” commented Ako Kharistvalashvili, Photographer.
According to Ana Changiani, the charity aspect was one of the most important parts of the project. She promises to keep creating new Felt Craft collections.

“The photo models are my friends, all of whom are successful and interesting women. Felt Craft scarves, dresses and different handmade products were all presented at the event,” said Ana Changiani, Designer.

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“Dato Archvadze, Tbilisuri Kvarteti and Taoba were playing music by composer Nana Meskhi on the evening. I am really glad that this project was such a success and that the group worked so hard. I hope that everyone enjoyed the evening. We held some special draws at the event. Lucky guests won Felt Craft coats, scarves and handmade interior accessories. Everyone seemed to be very pleased with the outcome of the Art Evening,” Changiani said.

“Ana Changiani invited me to become a member of the project. The photos are impressive and each of them looks great. Ako carefully created the best image for each of the different models. Ana Changiani-designed Felt Craft clothes are well known to me. I own different clothes and accessories from her collections,” said Lali Javakhia, Marketing Manager of The FINANCIAL Newspaper.



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