ASHM Designation Recognizes Safety and Health Professionals

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The FINANCIAL — The Associate Safety and Health Manager (ASHM) is a designation administered by the Institute for Safety and Health Management. 


The ASHM recognizes individuals who possess some combination of formal training and experience that prepares them for safety and health management responsibilities.
The ASHM serves to let potential and current employers know that these individuals have been formally educated to address workplace safety and health issues or are ready to step into entry level positions in safety management. The ASHM designation is an important stepping stone to the accredited Certified Safety and Health Manager (CSHM) certification.
“Individuals who receive the ASHM certification have a period of six years to pass the CSHM examination,” reported Larry Curtis, CSHM, and Executive Director of ISHM.  “It is meant to be used as a path for qualified individuals to work towards achieving the necessary steps to obtain the industry’s most prestigious designation, the Certified Safety and Health Manager or CSHM.  These professional certifications show employers and clients that individuals are qualified and committed to a profession. They provide confidence in a professional’s abilities and makes them more valuable to employers,” he continued.
According to WebWire, most health and safety professionals who obtain the ASHM eventually apply for the CSHM once they have enough experience to meet the CSHM’s certification criteria.  Both the ASHM and CSHM certificant holders are sought after by human resources (HR) managers and government agencies such as OSHA, EPA, Homeland Security, Army, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard.  People in private industry and those working for government agencies depend upon the certifications to ascertain the most competent person for critical health and safety positions.

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