ASUS Announces Vivo AiO Series

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The FINANCIAL — ASUS on October 22 announced the Vivo AiO Series, a comprehensive range of great-value all-in-one touchscreen PCs that meet all the computing needs of modern families.

Thoughtfully designed for easy, intuitive and interactive home computing, the slim and stylish Vivo AiO Series features responsive 10-point multi-touch displays, and will be available in a choice of three sizes: 19.5 inches (Vivo AiO V200), 21.5 inches (Vivo AiO V220) and 23 inches (Vivo AiO V230).

Vivo AiO Series incorporates all the latest technology — including 10Gbit/s USB 3.1 Gen 2, next-generation Intel processors, high-performance graphics and Windows 10 — to ensure outstanding performance and enhanced ease of use. Vivo AiO Series also offers innovative features such as user-upgradable memory, and an optional multi-function base with integrated Qi wireless charging and near-field communications (NFC) capabilities, according to ASUS.

The attractively-priced Vivo AiO Series, with its sleek modern sculpture-inspired design, smooth performance and comprehensive connectivity options for modern digital living, will add a touch of grace and sophistication to any home computing environment.


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