AT&T Expands High-Speed Internet Service for Businesses to More than 180 U.S. Cities

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The FINANCIAL — AT&T is now offering AT&T Business Fiber to businesses in more than 180 U.S. cities. 

The service provides upload and download speeds up to 300 megabits per second, with plans to reach up to 1 gigabit per second.  It supports business applications, such as video conferencing, working in the cloud and disaster recovery, without a contract, according to AT&T.

With AT&T Business Fiber, customers can choose cloud-based services, like network security options and online backup, with high-speed Internet. These services help protect and virtualize their business critical information.  

AT&T Business Fiber can help businesses quickly and efficiently:

Upload and download large data files and images
Share large files with employees or customers in other locations
Upload edits to company websites
Back up data remotely in the cloud at one or multiple locations
Video conference with suppliers, business partners and customers

“Business owners constantly tell us that they need blazing fast Internet speeds to stay ahead,” said Tom Hughes, vice president, AT&T Small Business. “AT&T Business Fiber in more than 180 cities helps give companies just that. The ability to upload and download at the same high speed allows companies to work faster with customers, partners and suppliers.”

What Customers are Saying

“Bottom line, we haven’t even fully tapped the capacity of our new AT&T Business Fiber service and we’re way ahead of where we used to be,” said Chris Wiegman, principal at GroupOne, a Sacramento based IT solutions provider. “It’s helped ‘future proof’ our business by meeting ours and our customers’ needs today and has us positioned to meet the evolving demands of tomorrow.”

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“With blazing fast speeds for uploading and downloading large files, AT&T Business Fiber has helped take our business to the next level,” said Chris Van Doren of Boss Fight Entertainment, a leading gaming software developer based in the Dallas area. “And as our client demands increase, we need the reliability and customer support that comes with AT&T broadband services.”

“We’re able to download and upload large files almost four times faster with AT&T Business Fiber,” said Emerson Smith, chief innovation officer at Austin-based Modern Business Solutions. “For us, the ability to quickly upload large files – sometimes more than 1GB – is just as important as being able to quickly download them. And thanks to the service, we’re also seeing better Voice over IP call performance.”


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