AT&T Offers Highly Secure IP-Voice Capabilities to Government Agencies

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The FINANCIAL — AT&T is offering IP-voice capabilities to federal, state, local and tribal government agencies.

The new offer lets government agencies place IP-based calls across their organizations through a solution that supports “High Impact Level” standards of security and availability set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). NIST provides standards and requirements that help protect government information, assets, and operations against man-made or natural threats, according to AT&T,

AT&T’s IP Voice capabilities serve as a starting point to better connect people. Government agencies can add tools like instant messaging, web, video and audio conferencing, email, unified messaging, and voice calling with online presence to work together. It helps them work more efficiently and cut costs.

“AT&T’s IP Voice capabilities offer agencies security protections that meet the government’s highest requirements for security and availability,” said Ed Amoroso, chief security officer, AT&T. “It helps to protect agencies and improve productivity.”


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