Avon becomes 1st Direct Seller, Delivering Beauty Services in 5,000 Residential Areas in Georgia

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World famous beauty company Avon, operating on the Georgian market since 2008, has reached ultimate geographical expansion in 2019 – delivering Avon products to 5,000 residential areas in Georgia.

“Since March 2019 we now provide delivery services to 5,000 residential areas in Georgia, enabling us to become the first direct seller to have such intense coverage, and making shopping online with us even more convenient,” said the Director of Avon Cosmetics Georgia, Ana Tskhadadze.

In addition, the company is greatly focused on enhancing Avon’s digital presence, with new tools and applications like an Interactive E-brochure and Avon App already available for the brand’s representatives and customers.

“Today’s beauty industry is tightly bonded to mobile and digital technologies, therefore full-scale digitalization of the business is our core priority at the moment and as we move forward into the future. In 2018 we launched a fully digitised, mobile-enabled e-interactive brochure enabling our representatives to connect quickly and effectively with customers,” Tskhadadze said.

While talking about their plans for the future, Tskhadadze said that Avon Georgia will continue to be part of the mission aimed at making women’s lives better throughout the world and in Georgia too.

“The economic empowerment of women is the heartbeat of our business, therefore we plan to become the country’s leading part-time job supplier by 2021, standing for the freedom to work on your own terms and in your own way,” she said.

She also announced that in 2019 Avon Georgia will be introducing the biggest Academy of Beauty in the country, with a comprehensive learning course for advisors/representatives that do business with Avon.

Avon, a direct selling company in beauty, household, and personal care categories, has been established as the largest women’s organization in Georgia, unifying thousands of beauty advisors throughout the whole country.

Since 2013 Avon has introduced its main CSR direction – BCC (Breast Cancer Cause) in Georgia – focused on raising funds through the sales of Avon Pink Ribbon Products, and using the funds for activities that target the fight against breast cancer.

“Considering our leadership in direct selling, as well as being the brand of choice for Georgian women, we have excelled in our sales results and become Avon’s fastest growing market out of the countries of Eastern Europe,” said Tskhadadze.

Avon’s over 10 year-long journey in Georgia holds important milestones, such as becoming the No1 Beauty Brand in Georgia, and winning its first Golden Brand award.

Q. Congratulations on winning a Golden Brand award. This is the first Golden Brand win for Avon and it has now officially become the No1 Beauty Brand in Georgia. In your opinion, why was the company awarded this status, and how is it that Avon has become the number one brand in Georgia?

A. Indeed, this is our first Golden Brand award under the nomination ‘No1 Beauty Brand in Georgia’. However, Avon has been nominated and selected as the No1 Beauty Brand by Euromonitor Research 5 times since 2011, in beauty categories including ‘Colour Cosmetics’, ‘Fragrance’, and ‘Skin Care’.

According to the BHM research that we carry out annually, Avon remains the top choice of 7 out of every 10 women in Georgia.

We are committed to innovations and therefore deliver a product portfolio that includes award-winning skin care, colour cosmetics, fragrance and personal care products, featuring iconic brands.

Avon not only brings beauty to doors, but also opens them. This is a company that for over a century has stood for beauty, innovation, optimism and, above all, for women. We feel that we share the same values with our customers and representatives and this is the fundament of their loyalty to the brand throughout the past 10 years in Georgia.

Q. How many products does Avon offer customers in Georgia and which of them are the most in demand? Which new products has Avon introduced recently and which new products are coming to the catalogue in the near future?

A. The Avon product range counts more than 10,000 items, in six different categories: colour cosmetics, fragrances, skin/face care, body care, toiletries, fashion & home. Fragrances and colour cosmetics together with skin care, are the biggest contributors to total sales. Avon has up to 10 signature perfumes that remain all time bestsellers and Georgian women’s top favourites over the last 10 years. As for the colour cosmetics, foundation is the most popular colour category with Georgian women.

We feel pride in our flagship Kenzo fragrances, the result of our latest collaboration with designer Kenzo Takada.

We have recently launched an innovative Korean Skin Care Line – K-Beauty, which is represented with cutting edge skin care concepts that are made in Korea. Our revolutionary skin care line – Anew – is Avon customers’ most beloved brand that is pioneering transformative anti-aging skincare technology clinically tested to deliver the best anti-ageing results.

We will shortly be introducing Anew Vitamin C brightening Serum, jam-packed with effective antioxidants that brighten skin tone and reduce dullness and the appearance of signs of aging.

As for the colour category, in upcoming campaigns we are launching Avon Mark – Brow and Lip Tattoo, as a breaking new make-up concept that can replace costly saloon procedures of brow microblading and permanent lip make-up that are currently some of the hottest beauty trends on the market.

In terms of total demand, we hold a similar level across the whole country, however, over the years we have been observing different sales patterns across different regions. For example, colour cosmetics and skin care products are more in demand in Western Georgia, while fragrances are more appreciated in the regions of Eastern Georgia.

Q. How many customers does Avon have in Georgia and by what percent does the number of customers increase every year?

A. Based on Brand Health Monitor research results we can claim that 89% of Georgian women are aware of Avon, and 7 out of 10 have at least once bought an Avon product. Six out of 10 women who have bought from Avon would consider purchasing from them again.

Our sales and customer base is growing across the beauty market and every three months, 20% more women consider buying from Avon.

Q. Can you tell us why the company is involved in breast cancer campaigns, what is your goal? Also, can you tell us about ‘Pink Space’ which opened in Tbilisi recently, and Avon’s involvement in this project?

A. We have been at the forefront of the fight against breast cancer for many years and we are committed to ensuring that every woman knows the risks and signs of breast cancer, and how and when to take action.

Since 2013 we have collected GEL 160,000 in our Avon Pink Ribbon Fund, through selling Avon Pink Ribbon products. These amounts have been allocated to various activities targeted against breast cancer. From 2013-2016, we have been organizing annual ‘Pink Walks’ in Tbilisi to raise awareness of this disease and promote early check-ups to prevent it. In 2015, with charity funds we acquired a mammographic digitalizer which was granted to New Vision Clinic, and within this partnership, an Avon room for free mammographic check-ups has become readily available in the clinic. In 2016 Avon organized a mammographic tour through the regions of Western Georgia, providing free mammographic check-ups to 1,370 women.

In 2019 Avon Pink Ribbon allocated GEL 50,000 for ‘Pink Space’ – a mutual project of Avon and Europa Donna. Pink Space is a centre where breast cancer survivors have the opportunity to care for other patients, and willingly share their knowledge and experience with one another.

Pink space will provide moral support and informative guidance that patients need for their treatment, such as: medication and surgery funding programmes; necessary diagnostics; post-surgical procedures, etc.

Our mission is to cover as many patients as possible, therefore, all the services are provided free of charge and Avon’s Pink Space doors are open at Pekini Avenue N10 from 11:00 to 18:00, for anyone who needs help and guidance. A hotline and social media page will be readily available to address the inquiries of patients living in the country’s rural regions. We are committed to ensuring that every woman-diagnosed knows what the next steps are and which actions to take in order to fight the disease.

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