Avon Georgia Sets Women’s Empowerment as Cornerstone of Business Plan

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International beauty company Avon, which has been operating on the Georgian market since 2008, has shared with Golden Brand some of its agenda for 2020, which will seek to support and empower women as a cornerstone of its business plan for the year.

“As a part of our focus for 2020, we are set to support the small business partners of Avon, including more than 1,000 beauticians and entrepreneurs in the field operating on the Georgian market, whose financial stability was our focus during COVID-19, more than ever”, says company Director Ana Tskhdadze.

In 2020, in addition to its corporate social responsibility project conducted in tandem with Europa Donna, which aims to raise awareness about breast cancer and operate a special space for patients and survivors, Avon plans to speak out against violence against women.

“In the second half of 2020, Avon will also continue its beauty-related digital reality show ‘Create Your Story’, to involve millennials in our brand story”, Tskhadadze said.

Avon has launched the first digital reality show in Georgia ‘Create Your Story’. What is the main idea behind the show?

The idea is the following: with Avon, you can become a better version of yourself, create a unique story and change your life for the better.
We have gathered very interesting coaches around this idea and announced a competition to help young potential beauty artists and bloggers take new steps.

Avon in Georgia intended to open a Beauty Academy, with a comprehensive certificate course for advisors/representatives that do business with Avon. What are the developments in this regard?

Plans have changed somewhat. In 2020, Avon is offering an annual series of beauty masterclasses. Through digital masterclasses, we teach our subscribers different types of beauty rules. We give them knowledge about beauty products, how to choose and use these products correctly.

By the end of the year, we expect to have about 2,000 people graduating from Avon masterclasses.

Natura & Co, a Brazilian cosmetics company, has merged with Avon. What opportunities does this merger create for Avon worldwide?

As a result of this merger one of the largest multi-brand beauty companies has been formed, which will unite more than 6.3 million beauty representatives, 3,200 brand chains worldwide and large-scale digital media, all of which will allow the new company to occupy the leading position in direct sales.
The corporation will be represented in 100 countries.

Adding Avon to a portfolio that already includes Natura, The Body Shop and Aesop, Natura & Co will enhance joint opportunities, engage more customers, improve the quality of their services, expand the distribution area and ensure the geographical development of the business.

Avon is a company which has 130 years of history and is a leading company in the global cosmetics market. Avon’s quality products and solid positions in the beauty industry contributes to its great potential for future growth and development.

What does it mean to be the best beauty company for women?

Avos is a brand with a commitment to improve women’s health, safety and self-esteem through beauty and to speak out for them: to be a brand that brings superior-quality, beauty to all women. It is a brand that focuses on women’s power by sharing beauty connections and creating a better tomorrow through self-improvement, independence and a brand that is a pioneering pipeline of products that excite and delight.

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