Bank of Georgia Creates a New Platform for Design System

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Bank of Georgia continues to introduce cutting-edge digital innovations, this time creating a new design system platform for people following the digital industry. The new platform combines information about various components and simplifies the process of creating digital products by making the work much more flexible.

While sharing the vast experience from creating its Design System, the goal was to facilitate the growth of the community interested in the field of design and technology.

Design System is a ready-made library of design components, where each element is designed to match a brand’s style, concept and rules. The validity of all the components is supported by the systematic user behaviour analysis.

Design System combines the pre-designed components both at the design and code level, as well as the guidelines for their use in UX, branding, and everyday workflow.

Design System makes it much easier to manage any number of digital products and maintain uniformity in their creation. This makes the digital user experience even more intuitive, consistent and comfortable.

“In the digital industry, user experience and feedback are more relevant than ever, therefore we are increasing focus on research and analysis of customer needs. The data enables us to create and deliver digital products that are easy to use and improve user experience. Users have become the backbone of our strategy and we aim to continue creating a consistent experience across all digital channels. This naturally led us towards creating and implementing Design System.

Bank of Georgia Design is a website where we share information about our Design System components and internal workflows, as well as successful examples and news.

The platform will also help us to attract new professionals. Work culture and innovation are important topics for the career growth of the people interested in the field. The website was created to give partial insights into our workflow and reveals the techniques and methods that we use.” – Dachi Gorgiladze – Digital Product Owner, Bank of Georgia.

“Initially, it was important to create an easily renewable and adaptive environment where new elements could be implemented. Firstly, we sketched out the layouts; we compiled a list of foundations necessary to describe the components of Design System and defined the templates accordingly.

It was important to establish a value-based architecture to make it easier for readers to understand the content. Before creating the inner pages, we first created the pages of the fundamental parts, such as colours, typography, distances, etc.

The information architecture in the layouts was created by visual artefacts and their brief descriptions. After that, we started creating unique component templates, where in addition to the informative part, users have the opportunity to use interactive demo versions as well.” – Nika Tsverava – UI/UX designer.

“The introduction of Design System significantly simplified and accelerated working processes, in some cases reducing a week’s work to just a few minutes. However, the most important aspect is the way that Design System simplifies the development process, which creates an even greater opportunity to save time and control the quality of code. Design System improves, simplifies and accelerates the development process, which saves significant amounts of time in product creation.” – Dimitri Beradze – Analyst/Developer, Bank of Georgia.

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