Bank of Georgia together with Galt & Taggart, partners with DriveWealth to launch a brand-new investment product across the region

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Bank of Georgia continues bringing financial innovation to its customers. For the first time in Georgia and in the region, Bank of Georgia unveils its brand new investment product, available directly in the mobile banking application. Together with Galt & Taggart and DriveWealth, the Bank enables its customers to trade world’s leading companies, with just one click from its mobile banking application. For the first time in Georgia, Bank of Georgia customers will be able to trade fractional shares and start investing with just $1.0. 

Bank of Georgia Investments gives its customers first-time opportunity to trade with shares of thousands of international companies such as Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Tesla, Google and others with the lowest commissions available in Georgia. 

“We are pleased to add new investment product  to our mobile app in partnership with Galt & Taggart and DriveWealth. Our new partner, DriveWealth, is a pioneer in fractional investing and embedded finance in the world, empowering the leading financial institutions around the world (neo-banks, fintechs, traditional banks, etc.) to offer modern digital experiences tailored to customers’ needs. Together, we have created a product that completely reimagines existing experience of investing and gives our customers access to affordable investing in US stocks. We are excited to give our customers opportunity to join millions of retail investors globally and start investing in US stocks directly from their mobile banking app. We believe that technological advances are tranforming the investing experience and we are happy and proud to be pioneers in Georgia.” – said Archil Gachechiladze, CEO of the Bank of Georgia.

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