Bayer makes rapid progress in Green IT

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The FINANCIAL — The Bayer Climate Program has passed a significant milestone: One year earlier than planned, the company has achieved a more than 20 percent increase in energy efficiency in its data centers compared with 2009.


As part of the Green Bayer Data Center initiative, Bayer Business Services, the Group's competence center for IT and business services, had announced a goal of increasing energy efficiency in its data centers by 20 percent by the end of 2012.

According to Bayer AG, key improvements were achieved in the areas of hardware and IT architecture. "In 2011 alone, we were able to virtualize almost 800 systems and thus cut out a large number of servers," explains Thomas Schilling, who coordinates Green IT activities at BBS. “In addition, we have improved the facilities at various locations in terms of energy technology, for example optimizing the cooling of the systems.” The data centers have also gone over to energy-saving data storage. Overall, this reduces annual electricity consumption by almost 4,000 megawatt hours.

Bayer maintains data centers at headquarters in Leverkusen, Germany, and in Pittsburgh, United States, and Singapore.



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