Belarus planted corn for grain throughout 164 thsd ha

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The FIANNCIAL — As of April 30, 2015, Belarusian agricultural organizations provided the planting campaign of corn for grain throughout the areas of 164 thsd ha, or 72.7% of the plan, declared the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Belarus, according to APK-Inform.

At the same time, agrarians planted early spring grains and pulses throughout 944.6 thsd ha or 98.5% of the plan, spring rapeseed– 34 thsd ha (54.2%). Generally, agrarians planted spring crops throughout the areas of 1.892 mln ha (78.2% of the plan).

Belarus plans to replant lost winter rapeseed areas with spring crops throughout 191.4 thsd ha. As of reporting date, agrarians provides such works throughout 61.6 thsd ha (32.2% of the planned areas).


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